Taras Kloba

Taras Kloba

Associate Director, Big Data & Analytics at SoftServe

Lviv, Ukraine


I am Taras Kloba, the Associate Director of Big Data & Analytics at SoftServe. With over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, banking, and cybersecurity, I've accumulated vast expertise.

In 2019, I was recognized as the Best Software Architect in Ukraine by the Ukrainian IT Awards. I'm a certified Microsoft trainer and also hold several other professional certifications from Google, Amazon, and SEI. I actively share my knowledge at international and local conferences and events, contributing to the growth of the IT community.

I'm also the founder of the PostgreSQL Ukraine community, aiming to unite professionals and enthusiasts of this technology in Ukraine.

I led the team that emerged victorious in the TIDE NATO Hackathon 2023 and the National Defense Hackathon 2022, organized by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

Besides my professional endeavors, I am deeply committed to volunteering and consulting for military personnel on IT projects that play a role in the Ukrainian Victory.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Big Data
  • Data Management
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cyber security
  • Security & Compliance
  • PostgreSQL
  • power bi

From Map to Reality: Using PostGIS in Warfare

In this engaging session, we delve into the fascinating intersection of geospatial analysis and modern warfare. We will explore potential use cases where PostgreSQL's geospatial extension, PostGIS, along with techniques like trilateration and pelengation, could have been utilized to gain strategic advantages.

We will start by laying the groundwork with an introduction to PostGIS, including its capabilities and benefits for geospatial analysis. Following this, we will demystify the concepts of trilateration and pelengation, demonstrating how these techniques can be employed to accurately locate enemy devices on the battlefield.

This presentation will encourage you to consider the broader implications of using geospatial technology in battlefields. By demonstrating the power and potential of these tools.

This session is designed for a wide audience: from database enthusiasts curious about PostGIS to military strategists interested in the potential of geospatial technologies. No matter your background, you will leave with a newfound appreciation for the powerful combination of PostGIS and warfare strategy.

Advancing Drug Search with PostgreSQL and Azure AI

"Advancing Search with PostgreSQL and Azure AI" is a session that details how PostgreSQL's features and Azure AI Services can be effectively used to significantly enhance the search functionality in any application.

In this session, we'll share insights on how we used PostgreSQL to facilitate precise searches across multiple fields in our mobile application. The techniques include using LIKE and ILIKE operators and integrating a trigram-based search to handle potential misspellings, thereby increasing the search accuracy.

We'll also discuss how the azure_ai extension on PostgreSQL databases in Azure and Azure AI Services were utilized to create vectors from user input, a feature beneficial when users wish to find specific items based on text prompts.

While our application's case study involves a drug search, the techniques and principles shared in this session can be adapted to improve search functionality in a wide range of applications. Join us to learn how PostgreSQL and Azure AI can be harnessed to enhance your application's search capability.

Power BI Data Detectives: Auditing User Actions & Access

Join us for an engaging session as we step into the world of Power BI Data Detectives. In this session, we will dive into the vital task of auditing user actions and data access in Power BI reports. As data stewards and guardians of insights, we'll explore the techniques and best practices to track user activity, review data access, and maintain a robust audit trail within Power BI.

Discover how to unlock valuable insights from Power BI audit logs, decipher user behavior patterns, and identify who has accessed your reports. Learn how to effectively implement security measures, including row-level security (RLS), while auditing data sharing activities. We'll also share real-world examples and practical tips for maintaining compliance and protecting data integrity in Power BI.

Join us as we become the Power BI Data Detectives, unraveling the mysteries of user actions and securing data access. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills in auditing Power BI reports and safeguarding your valuable business intelligence.

Building Ad Classification Models with Azure ML

In this session, attendees will learn how to use Azure Machine Learning to create a model that can accurately identify advertisement messages. The speaker will share their experience in implementing this project with their students, including the challenges faced and solutions adopted. Attendees will see the model in action and gain an understanding of how to apply Azure ML to similar projects. This session is intended for those who are new to Azure ML and want to learn how to utilize its capabilities. Attendees will learn how to preprocess data, train and evaluate a model and deploy it to make predictions. You will also learn best practices and tips for troubleshooting.

PostgreSQL Security: Defending Againstst External Attacks

In this talk, we will explore the various ways that external attackers can target PostgreSQL deployments and how to defend against these threats. We will cover topics such as authentication security, protecting queries and data from network snooping, and preventing session interception. We will also discuss best practices for securing backups and preventing server theft. This talk will provide practical tips and techniques for ensuring the security of your PostgreSQL deployment and protecting against external attacks. Attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities that can affect PostgreSQL and how to mitigate them.

How to become a Data Engineer

A session goal is to give a self-motivated beginner a “simpler” learning path to becoming a data engineer. I have worked a lot of information to prepare a concrete list of low-cost online courses and freely available resources which are important for at least a junior role. I would encourage any beginner to occasionally test themselves against the knowledge expected in the job market.

Leveraging Azure Cognitive Services for Open Source Intelligence

In this conference/meetup speech, we will delve into the process of using Azure Cognitive Services for open source intelligence gathering, including collecting and storing data from open data portals and utilizing Azure Cognitive Search to create indexes and indexers for efficient searching. We will also discuss the pricing model for Azure Cognitive Search and provide an interesting use case with a real example of searching on participant data. By the end of the talk, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage Azure Cognitive Services for open source intelligence gathering and other use cases.

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September 2023

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April 2023

Global AI + Power Platform Bootcamps 2023 Lisboa Sessionize Event

February 2023 Lisbon, Portugal

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Taras Kloba

Associate Director, Big Data & Analytics at SoftServe

Lviv, Ukraine


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