Tathagat Thapliyal

Information & Communications Technology

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Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tathagat Thapliyal


Not a Nodie, not a Hippie, I am a passionate Developer, Educator, and Maker. A Product Engineer and Mentor for NodeJS, ReactJS at Coding Blocks. Currently Co-Founder of Voz. Along with it, a renowned speaker at GDG Devfests across India and specially Delhi, Punjab. A ReactJS, NodeJS, React-Native and Blockchain Developer. Winner of various big hackathons including India's largest, The Smart India Hackathon 2019.

Current sessions

Authentication done right: Consuming (and Serving) Oauth

Having worked and working with good YC startups and organizations like Coding Blocks Delhi, I have been around with NodeJS and MERN from quite a long and this session is nothing but my journey of how to scale a large project on NodeJS and Implementing OAuth. Also talking about the best practices one should adopt while working on big NodeJS and MERN Projects.

In this age, you cannot make a login system without Login with [Facebook|Google|Twitter|...]
This talk is nothing but my journey of building Authentication.
I eventually wrote one Authentication in NodeJS, which uses a lot of open source tools from
AuthO (including the famous PassportJS)
Focus Of Talk -
-Usual local authentication (email + username + password)
-Best practices (project structure)
-Consuming Oauth from Facebook/Twitter/Github or others
-Connecting existing account to social logins
-Building your own OAuth server