Taylor Desseyn

Taylor Desseyn

Recruiter Advocate at Vaco

Taylor graduated from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina in 2011 and immediately jumped into the world of recruiting. He started his career at Vaco in 2011 where he has recruited for clients such as Disney, Pacific Gas & Electric, Yahoo!, and Sony. After achieving top producer for 2013 out of a team of six, Taylor was recognized by Vaco and was brought to Raleigh to be instrumental in the building of the Technology division. During his time in Raleigh Taylor helped to scale the team from three to seven and focused on recruiting in all things technology, where he ultimately found his niche within development and TriNug (Raleigh .NET User Group). In June 2014 Taylor was asked to return to the Nashville office to help build out the technology team. Since his return, Taylor has been elected VP of the .NET User Group in Nashville for the last two years. He focuses 100% of his time within the development vertical in technology. As of 2017 Taylor is the Recruiting Manager of Vaco’s Nashville Technology division that is responsible for grossing $6+ million a year in revenue and ranking in the top of over 30+ Vaco Technology offices. From his time at Vaco he has seen the team double in size from seven to seventeen and has spoken at multiple conferences ranging from Nashville's very own Music City Code, the Raleigh Code Conference, to Vaco’s National Engage the World Conference and continues to be heavily involved within both the local and national tech community.

Current sessions

Recruiters Suck. Use them.

In today’s tech market there are more recruiters than JavaScript libraries. And just like JavaScript libraries, it’s hard to pick a good recruiter that that won’t burn out in 6 months. In this open forum talk, I will be answering any and all questions you have always wanted to ask us. Like how do we price positions? What do I look for when working with a recruiter? I will also give tips to everyone like how to write a good resume, are cover letters still relevant, how do I approach a job hunt, and what can make you the most attractive as a candidate in the interview process. This talk is geared for the recent software school grad to the Architect who has recently found themselves back on the job market. I look forward to answering all your questions!

How Social Media Can Land You Your Dream Job

Have you ever wanted to know how to find a job without using a recruiter? Do you know how to actually use LinkedIn to connect with people or find a job posting? Do you even have a Twitter account? This talk is a hands on guide to navigating social media to leverage your network and find your dream job without the hassle of all those terrible recruiters:) Bring your computers, cell phones, and get ready to be a pro at the end of this session on leveraging your network!