Thierry de Pauw

Information & Communications Technology

Lean Software Development Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

Gent, Flanders, Belgium

Thierry de Pauw

Continuous Delivery consultant at ThinkingLabs

Thierry is Engineering Lead at the fintech startup PaxFamilia.

On the side, he founded ThinkingLabs where he advises organisations in the adoption of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Thierry is a lean software engineer, junior ops engineer, CI/CD advocate and jack-of-all-trades with a passion to help teams create meaningful software, having a keen eye for code quality and the software delivery process, from customer interaction to continuous delivery. Instead of balancing quality & delivery, he believes and practices that better quality is actually a way to more and better deliveries.

In 2019 Thierry organised the CITCON - Continuous Integration and Testing unconference in Ghent, Belgium.