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Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Jo Gifford

Content Development Lead, Podcaster, Strategist, Author and Human Connector

Hey, I’m Jo.
I have been using content to create change for a very long time.

As a Senior Designer and Design Manager, I created, executed and managed concepts to sell products, ideas and lifestyles.

As a writer, I have written for some of the best known lifestyle brands and names to create communities, encourage sales, and establish identities.

As a blogger I have been part of movements to incite healthy eating, fitness and wellbeing, and been a voice for women with postnatal depression and chronic illness, women entrepreneurs building a business around families, and a vocal advocate for working to our unique brilliance and strengths.

As a project manager and content development lead I have designed and created conversations for cybersecurity, Fintech, fashion, the AI industry, and leadership development organisations.

Content gives us a voice.

It invites conversations, sparks movements and communities, builds platforms, facilitates missions, and creates change.

I am an author, podcaster, writer, project manager, creative thinker and prolific human connector.

My soul passion and purpose is to create connections and conversations with unboxed leaders that use their brilliance to create change.

Human connection is where change happens.

When we connect, create and grow, momentum and magic take their seat.

I believe in building legacies, movements and missions that are designed to make a difference.

We can truly change the world one word, one thought, and one connection at a time.