Thomas Vochten

Thomas Vochten

Technology Evangelist | Microsoft MVP | Trainer | Advisor #Microsoft365 #Azure

Antwerpen, Belgium

I am a technology evangelist helping companies to implement Microsoft cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365, and Azure. As Microsoft MVP, I also travel the world to speak at events, conferences and user groups to talk about technology and to make sure people do not make the same expensive mistakes that I made.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • GitHub

Developing secure software with GitHub

DevSecOps! Shift left and fail fast! Unfortunately, it takes more than some buzzword bingo to establish a truly secure software development lifecycle. Today, it is not enough that the application works according to the functional requirements; we should also heavily protect it against cybercriminals. This session will demonstrate how to leverage the GitHub platform to create automated security checks such as static application security testing and software composition analysis to get you well on your way to securing your application with minimal effort. In addition, you'll learn what different tools we have available for spotting security issues and how to analyze and act on the potential vulnerabilities to improve the security posture of your source code repository.

Beyond the password - The essentials of implementing passwordless authentication in Azure & M365

Traditional passwords have been a primary authentication method for decades, but their limitations are becoming more apparent in the face of evolving security threats. Passwords are easy to forget, easy to steal, and potentially easy to guess or hack. The shift towards passwordless authentication is gaining momentum, and Azure and Microsoft 365 offer a variety of tools to help organizations make that transition. In this session, we will explore the essentials of passwordless authentication and the various options at your disposal. We will also look at implementation best practices and how to balance security with convenience to help your users adapt to this new reality.

Using the Microsoft Graph for the reluctant IT Pro

The Microsoft Graph - we know it's cool, but isn't that just for developers?
As IT professionals, we mostly use PowerShell to interact with Microsoft 365. Many services provide us with a native PowerShell module, but that often leaves much to be desired. Ever tried to create a new Teams tab or Planner task with PowerShell, retrieve mails from a resource mailbox or obtain your company’s Secure Score? That all becomes a breeze - and there’s much more! The Microsoft Graph is a powerful gateway to the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This session will tell you how to get started, how to deal with authentication and authorization and how to leverage PowerShell to unleash its power.

How to start contributing to open source - a primer on using git and GitHub

The world is driven by open source: software, scripts, documentation and even data are freely available for anyone to use. The true power of open source however, is your ability to contribute back to the projects you care about and make them even better. That’s where git and GitHub come into play as a vast ecosystem of powerful tools and capabilities. Although anyone with at least some technical abilities will be able to get started, it is not easy to understand the lingo, the conventions and the tools involved. This session will provide you with everything you need to get started with confidence.

Microsoft 365 Configuration-as-Code

Many cloud professionals are acquainted with the concepts of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and Configuration-as-Code (CaC). They both provide a descriptive model to deploy or manage a cloud environment and focus on the outcome, rather than the actual procedure to get there. This session will apply these constructs to the wonderful world of Microsoft 365. We will look at the technologies involved, such as PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and the potential drawbacks, such as the dreaded “configuration drift”. Can we really create repeatable configurations and deploy them in multiple tenants? Can we export and import settings at will or compare configurations over time? Join this session to find out!

Monitoring Microsoft 365 security with Microsoft Sentinel

It’s no secret that bad actors are everywhere, and they’re also eying your precious Microsoft 365 environment. Deploying Microsoft Sentinel is a powerful and intelligent way to not only stay ahead of those threats but also act on them. This session will introduce you to the wonderful world of the security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution. You will learn how to get started, how to connect to Microsoft 365 and how to detect, investigate and respond to the security events that matter.

Thomas Vochten

Technology Evangelist | Microsoft MVP | Trainer | Advisor #Microsoft365 #Azure

Antwerpen, Belgium