Tiago Costa

Information & Communications Technology

Microsoft Azure

Lisbon, Portugal

Tiago Costa

Cloud Architect and Advisor | Trainer | International Speaker | Author @Independent Contractor

Tiago Costa is a Senior Cloud Architect and Advisor focusing on Microsoft Azure, International Speaker, Trainer and Author. For the past 20 years has been architecting and developing solutions using Microsoft technologies. In the last years Tiago have been helping companies to migrate and build Cloud native workloads in Microsoft Azure. Tiago has been working as at the Senior Architect level, but he always like to do some hands-on tasks on the Azure Administration and Development side of things. You can find him regularly in the classroom or online teaching Microsoft Azure. All this real-world experience allows him to deliver amazing trainings on Microsoft Azure.

Tiago has several Microsoft Certifications and awards:
- Microsoft Azure MVP (2016 – …)
- MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer (2006 – …)
- MCT Regional Lead (2013 – …)
- Microsoft Certification Council Member (2020 – …)

He loves diving into new technologies and share his experience at conferences and training classes. What excites him about it's work is to help others exploring new frontiers in technology and to become better professionals. He's free time is spent with his family in the surroundings of the sunny Lisbon, Portugal, and building some cool geek projects.

Current sessions

I find your lack of Azure Governance disturbing!

Microsoft Azure is an awesome platform to run your organization workloads. It supports Cloud native and non-native workloads. It's easy and fast to getting started. After moving and creating several resources in Azure some customers are struggling by the lack of a robust cloud governance structure.
This session is target at organization of all sizes, not only big large organizations need governance, every single organization needs it. We will review the native services in Azure that can help you on your governance journey. We will talk and see in action: Management Groups, Azure Policy, Tags, Azure Blueprints, CAF - Cloud Adoption Framework and even a little bit of Cost Management.

Microsoft Azure practical guide for Office 365 Professionals

Microsoft Azure provides a platform for Office 365 IT Professionals and Developers create a modern business platform. When creating solutions for the Cloud we want to use services that allow us to have highly-available and scalable workloads.
This session explores the most common Azure services a Microsoft 365 professional should use, the best architecture designs, patterns, DevOps approach and let's not forget Governance. Attending this session, you will leave with working knowledge of what services to choose when customize and extend Office 365 workloads.
In addition to the tech content of this session you will take home the list of all the best tools and applications the great names in the Azure space use to make their life easier and blow our customers minds! Expect a full hour of Cloud happiness.

Getting started with Microsoft Azure

Is everyone telling you that Cloud is the future?
It's NOT! It's the present.

Want to work with Azure and don't know where to start?
This session is for you!

We will start with what is Azure and why so many companies from different backgrounds and sizes use it. You will leave from this session with an awesome basic understanding what Cloud and Azure is, what tools you can use to work with it and some awesome links to continue your learning journey. But that's not all! In the end of this session you will be able to host a production ready website! Join me and I hope this session change your career!

Get-AzCertified "Know All About Microsoft Azure Professional Certifications"

Want to push your career to the next level with a Microsoft Azure Certification?
In this session we will dive into how Microsoft Azure certifications can help you and how you can achieve it. We will review all Azure related certifications paths and how can you prep to pass on the exams.
Dive into the how and why behind Microsoft’s new certifications and find out how they can help you. Topics include:
- New certifications focused on Azure Roles: Administrator, Developer, Solutions Architect, DevOps and Security
- Certification related training and preparation materials now available

Supercharge your App Service to a Global scale

When architecting applications today, making then globally available is the standard. When designing the infrastructure for a new application we need to start from the premises that we have a global disperse customer base. This is a good challenge for Azure Architects. Creating global applications is no easy piece, we can hit a lot of concerns, not only technical but also business related and even legal.
In this session, we will check how Azure App Service can helps us reach this global application goal and how other related services, like: Azure Front Door, Traffic Manager, Azure Storage, Azure CDN, Azure Functions, Cognitive Search, Azure Redis Caches, Cosmos DB and messaging services can help you to create a global scale application. Expect a heavily-demo depended session, based on the real-world experience in implementing this services in several customers.

ARM your Azure Infrastructure in 60 Minutes

Microsoft Azure is an amazing platform and in a few minutes we can create an complex infrastructure, but if this is not done in a proper way, we end-up with a disorganized Azure Subscription. In 60 minutes, this session shows you how to generate ARM Templates for consistent and repeatable deployments and how you can automate the deployment of your Infrastructure. We will also touch in some more advanced techniques to push your ARM templates to the next level. You will be amazed for the amazing capabilities that we have in ARM templates.
During a demo-dependent session we are going to check how Azure DevOps can help us, using Azure Repos to control the versioning of ARM Templates and Azure Pipelines to deploy then. In just 60 minutes we are going to create a full ALM experience for your Azure Infrastructure.

Past and future events

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28 Oct - 30 Oct 2021

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Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

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