Tiago Trindade

Tiago Trindade

Senior Software Engineer at Frequency Foundry

I'm a Tech Team Leader and Software/Solution Architect with about 14 years of experience.
Most of my experience is with Microsoft products-based solutions. I have worked with Microsoft architecture since Microsoft .Net Framework was in version 1.1. Besides, I'm a Microsoft certified professional and constantly learning about new technologies.
I have worked with Software Development activities for several years passing through all systems development life cycles. Recently as a development team lead, I have been dedicated to studying client-side technologies and it improved my skills (JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks like Angular and Nodejs) as well as cloud technologies and Power Platform.

Current sessions

Pipeline de CI/CD para Componentes PCF React

Demonstrar como automatizar o Build para components
PCF em React
A ideia é mostrar como é fácil criar um pipeline de CI/CD para componentes PCF feitos utilizando React. Também, chamar atenção de Pro developers para o Power Platform.

Solution Management and Devops - Em Português

We have 3 topics:
1 - Azure Devops - Azure Board, azure Pipelines and Azure Artifacts
2 - CI and CD using Spkl, Power Shell, Git and Dynamics 365
3 - CI and CD using Power Apps Build Tools, and Dynamics 365 Build Tools.

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Integration between Any Payment Gateway, Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Portal [PCI complience solution]

This session has the main goal to show how to integrate powerapps Portal + any payment gateway + Dynamics 365 (almost) out-of-the-box. Everything PCI Compliance.
That is a real case here at Frequency Foundry.

Past and future events

Virtual Scottish Summit 2021

22 Feb - 27 Feb 2021