Timo Pertilä

Timo Pertilä

Microsoft MVP (Business Applications) / Power Platform + Office 365 geek / Speaker / Blogger

Helsinki, Finland

Power Platform & Office 365 Consultant. 20+ years' experience on IT industry. Helping customers to make the most of their Microsoft investments.

Currently working most of the time with Power Platform. But loving also Teams, Planner, SharePoint, Microsoft Graph, PowerShell, Bot Framework etc.

Wrote over 200 blog posts related to Power Platform.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform

Mastering REST API Calls with AAD Authentication in Power Platform

Are you looking to take your Power Platform skills to the next level? This session is for you! Learn how to call REST APIs that use AAD authentication in Power Platform and understand the differences between delegated permissions and application permissions.

Whether you are a seasoned Power Platform user or just starting out, this session will provide valuable insights and hands-on experience with REST API calls and authentication in Power Platform. Join us and take your skills to the next level!

Case story - Building Time Tracking solution with Power Platform

In this session, I will share my story of how I built a time tracking solution for our employees using Power Platform. The solution has been in use for three years now and has become an essential part of our daily operations.

Join me as I take you through this journey including how we came to choose Power Platform, how the solution has evolved over time, and the lessons I learned along the way. This session promises to be an engaging and informative experience for those looking to learn about building custom solutions with Power Platform.

What every maker should know about the Power Platform security?

Today everybody can build an automation solution or a mobile application with Power Platform.

But is it even too easy? How do citizen developers manage security? Or do they? What are the biggest pitfalls from a security point of view when building cloud flows and canvas Power Apps?

In this session, you learn what you should take into consideration when you use this superb platform. From IT and maker point of view.

Power Platform Best Practices

Many organizations have just started their Power Platform journey. Everything is new and maybe a little bit confusing. In the worst scenario, this will slow down the whole adoption of the Power Platform.

In this session, I go through common mistakes people and organizations do with the Power Platform. Some are just small details, some are bigger ones. But you should be aware of these.

Introduction to the Power Apps cards

Microsoft Learn says: "Power Apps cards are micro-apps with enterprise data and workflows and interactive, lightweight UI elements that other applications can use as content."

Clear enough?

Power Apps cards are a relatively new tool in the Power Platform. They are like actionable messages, but easier to build and use. You can simplify your processes by using them.

In this session, you will learn
- why and when use Power Apps cards
- how to build them
- how they are different from actionable messages

And of course, you will see examples of different Power Apps cards!

PowerApps Deep Dive

You have build some simple PowerApps and want to learn more? This is the session for you.

Things to cover:

- Delegation
- Can I use big SharePoint lists in my solution?
- When I should use the SQL database instead of the SharePoint list?
- What causes the slowness on my PowerApps? Can I do something to fix it?
- Components? How to use them and when?

Session contains demos and lessons learned from real projects.

4 steps to take control of Power Automate and Power Apps in your organization

Citizen developers are here with Power platform. They will create plenty of nice Flows and Power Apps.

But if organizations aren't prepared, it will be a total mess from the governance point of view.

After this session, you will know how to avoid this mess in a way both citizen developers and IT are happy.

Top 10 things people mess up with Power Apps

With every tool, you can do things perfectly, fine or almost fine. This is ok.

But in some cases, you can make horrible mistakes.

In this session, I go through common mistakes people do with Power Apps. Some are just small details, some are bigger ones. But as a Power Apps maker, you should be aware of these.

Tips & tricks to build nice looking and performant Power Apps

Power Apps is a wonderful tool. You can build applications unbelievable fast with it. Power Apps can be used by phone or browser. You can embed it to Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, or Model-driven app.

Power Apps are everywhere! And everyone can build them.

But there are two common topics when talking about Power Apps.

1) They all look the same (and ugly)
2) They are slow

In this session, you learn what you can do about these 2 topics.

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Timo Pertilä

Microsoft MVP (Business Applications) / Power Platform + Office 365 geek / Speaker / Blogger

Helsinki, Finland