Tobias Ljungström

Information & Communications Technology

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Front-End Development Web CSS JavaScript Animation

Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Tobias Ljungström

Frontend developer at Squeed Gothenburg

Having put stuff in web browsers for fun since forever, and professionally since 2017, Tobias combines aesthetics and technology to create beautiful, functional, and accessible digital interfaces for businesses small and large. Always striving for a deep understanding of the technology at hand, he loves to share what he knows with the hopes that together we will all make the Internet a better place for everyone.

Tobias Ljungström

Frontendutvecklare hos Squeed Göteborg

Tobias har fyllt webbläsare med innehåll för skojs skull sedan barnsben, och professionellt sedan 2017. Med kombinationen av estetik och teknik skapar han vackra, funktionella, och tillgängliga användargränssnitt för både stora och små företag. Alltid strävandes efter en djup förståelse för den aktuella teknologin älskar han att dela med sig av vad han kan, med förhoppningen att vi tillsammans kommer att kunna göra Internet till en bättre plats för alla.

Current sessions

Why variable fonts is the greatest thing since David Hasselhof's megahit True Survivor

If you've heard the song True Survivor you might think that nothing can compare to this synthwave masterpiece, but I'm here to tell you that variable fonts can and do! What are they? How do I use them? What impact do they have on you as a developer, as a designer? What do they mean for the future of web typography? All this will be revealed, and you will be made ready to leap into the typographical future of the Internet!

First delivered at the internal conference SqueedBrew Tech in december 2019, also at local meetups in Gothenburg. Target audience is web developers and web designers, beginner level or up.

Web Components: an Introduction to the Future

With Web Components having reached high enough browser support to be production ready, it is high time to take a look at what they are and what they can do for you. In this talk I will demonstrate the creation of a fairly simple web component and talk about the advantages of the technology, how it will affect developers, designers, and end-users. I will also show how web components can be used in tandem with any modern web framework. After this session the attendees will be ready to start exploring web components on their own and decide if web components are something that they want to include in their projects.

The target audience is people who have at least some experience with JavaScript and web development, but who are new to web components.

If desired I can demonstrate the integration of web components in your specific framework of choice (eg. React, Vue, Svelte etc.).