Todd Ginsberg

Information & Communications Technology

java Kotlin

Dallas, Texas, United States

Todd Ginsberg

Principal Developer, Netspend Corp

Todd Ginsberg is a Principal Software Developer at Netspend, a payments company in Austin, TX where he is responsible for prototypes, experiments, and proofs of concept. Todd has been writing in Java since 1995, Kotlin since 2016, and is an executive board member of the Chicago Java Users Group. Todd lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. When not programming, he enjoys reading, walking/hiking, and doughnuts.

Current sessions

Is Kotlin Right for You?

Kotlin sure has been receiving a lot of buzz lately, is there something to it? Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin has been catching on lately because of its null safety guarantees, functional nature, type inference, full interoperability with Java, cross-platform support, and ease of use with Android and Spring. Is this something you and your team should considering spending time to learn?

In this session we will go over what Kotlin is, what problems it solves, and what makes it stand out from other JVM languages. You’ll come away with enough knowledge to decide if this is something you and your team should consider adopting.

Turbocharged Enterprise Development - Write Your Own Spring Boot Starter

You’ve managed to bust your monolith into Spring Boot microservices, but you’re not delivering features any faster. Adding new services takes just as long as before! All of this code is different, your APIs are all different, and each requires its own special configuration! What’s the deal?

One of the great features of Spring Boot is its Starters - dependencies referenced once in your build and Spring does the rest. In this talk we’ll learn what makes Spring Boot tick, and how you can put its Magic Sauce to work for your enterprise. We will build our own Spring Boot Starter to get our projects off the ground quicker and behaving the same way at runtime.

You’ll be happy because the mundane boilerplate work will be gone. Your boss will be happy because you can focus on features that deliver value. And your operations team will be happy because all your microservices can be treated the same way.

You will learn what a Spring Boot Starter is, how to write and deploy one, and some tips for how to make the developers on your team more productive as a result.

Beyond JUnit - Pragmatic Ways to Increase Code Quality

You and your team are writing and running unit tests, great! Better yet, they pass (most of the time)! But can you do more to ensure the quality of your code? Come to this talk where you will learn some practical new skills to help increase the quality of your code and catch bugs early in the development cycle. This will be a balanced look at different testing styles and tools. At the end of this talk, you will have several new techniques to bring to your codebase that will ultimately make your customers happy. This talk is aimed at Java developers who have some basic testing knowledge and want to move to the next level.

Write Better Spring Boot Code

Lots of organizations are using Spring Boot, but are we using it to its full potential? With such a large framework, it’s easy to overlook features or write code you don’t have to. In this talk, you will learn how Spring Boot works and how to write less code that does more work for you. This talk is aimed at Java developers who use Spring Boot and want to learn more.

Spring Boot is seemingly everywhere but not everybody is taking advantage of all it has to offer. Because it is such a large framework, it’s easy to overlook powerful features. Despite how well documented it is, doing the right thing can be confusing with so many tutorials and development styles on the internet. Come to this talk and learn the basics of what makes Spring Boot work, and how to use it more effectively. Learn real-world skills that you can put into production tomorrow. Your apps will be smaller, more idiomatic, and better tested.

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