Tomasz Bartoszewski

London, England, United Kingdom

Tomasz Bartoszewski

Kaluza (OVO Group), Software Developer

Tomasz is a developer who likes to be involved in everything at work. He wanted to be a knight, but because of low demand, he ended up slaying bugs on production. He likes improving performance of the applications. In his free time, he usually plays with Rubik's cubes, currently the Megaminx. Big Lego fan, especially Castle series, and anything what requires creativity.

Current sessions

Saving the World with IoT

Do you need to be a C/C++ developer to work with IoT?

Do you need to have a bunch of IoT devices before you can get started?

The answer to those questions is no, this talk will show how you can get started building IoT solutions in minutes, with nothing more than a browser and a development environment using your favourite language like C#.
Based on our work at Kaluza (OVO Group) where we control devices such as storage heaters, heat pumps, smart chargers for electric vehicles, integrate with renewable power generators, I will show you how you can build your own IoT system.

What will the audience learn?

With a combination of live demos and real devices the audience will learn:

- How to create an Azure IoT Hub
- How to use IoT Hub toolkit for simulating devices and monitoring messages
- We will build end to end example including devices and a service controlling our system


No prior knowledge of IoT is required, I will show code samples in C#

Why should I care about IoT?

You don't have to be a super hero, to make a difference to our planet. Just a bit of programming skills will suffice.

We can't imagine our lives without electricity. Unfortunately it is generated mostly with fossil fuels and it's not good for our planet. That's why we build wind farms, solar panels, hydro power plants, but we can't force them to generate electricity when we want. We have to either use green electricity when it's available or store it. Both tasks are not easy, but with help from technology it's possible.

We can use IoT devices to change the power usage patterns, create virtual power plant, which can be used when the demand exceeds supply. This is exactly what we created over last couple years, controlling heat and car chargers using IoT. We integrated with a hydropower plant on Mull and a wind turbine on Orkney.

I will show you how we use Azure IoT Hub to do that. With simple demos and easy to follow examples you will hopefully leave the presentation inspired to try it at home.

Raising the next generation of passionate coders

It’s not always easy to start, with a number of languages and technologies you can pick what you like the most. What about people who just start their adventure? How should they judge which language will be the best to learn? What should they do first? It took me many years, from the time when I wanted to write some code, to actually doing it. That’s why, I try to help young children, learn coding the fun way. Join the session to hear more about CoderDojo and how you can inspire a future generation of passionate coders.

Building event driven system with Kafka

You likely don't need Kafka. Yes, you've read that right. If your application performs without problems and you don't expect high increase in load, there is no need to look for different tools or architecture. But after 2 years of using Kafka on production, I'm still amazed by it. If you like to learn how certain tools work, we will do exactly that. I will walk you through building producers and consumers, partitioning and replication. We will have a look at retention of data and log compaction. By the end of the session you will understand principles behind Kafka and when it's a perfect tool for the job. And even if you decide to not use it, it will be based on your knowledge.

Target audience: anyone who wants to learn about Kafka
Session duration: 60min

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