Toon Vanhoutte

Information & Communications Technology

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Kuurne, Flanders, Belgium

Toon Vanhoutte

Azure MVP | Your Azure Coach | CTO @ Noest

Hi! I'm Toon Vanhoutte, Azure Solution Architect and Microsoft Azure MVP. My duty is to design and deliver reliable, secure and scalable applications in the Azure cloud. As a solution architect, I'm not scared to take up big challenges and to dive into a development mode.

I'm a quite active member of the Microsoft Azure community and was speaker on several community and company events. Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer and the founder of Your Azure Coach, I love to share my experiences and learn from others during workshops, presentations and blogs. As an Azure MVP, I'm actively collaborating with various Microsoft / Azure product teams.

Current sessions

Making fusion development a reality with the Power Platform and Azure!

Let’s face it: low-code is pretty powerful, but it has its limitations. Instead of pushing the limits of our low-code platform, we should embrace the power of fusion development. By mixing the speed and agility of low-code with the endless capabilities of custom development, we can build great solutions.

In this demo-packed session, we will discuss the reasons for fusion development and the extensibility options that the Power Platform provides through Azure. Lessons from the field will be shared, which cover the people, the coding and DevOps aspects. Join me in this talk to learn from my personal experiences!

API security with ASP.NET and Azure AD for Dummies

Needless to say that securing your web applications is crucial in today's digital world! That's why Toon will explain in-depth how you can secure your ASP.NET Web APIs with Azure AD. In this demo-packed session, we will start from zero and gradually build-up our API security to cover the most common scenarios.

Secure your Azure API program!

Within an organization, you typically have a variety of APIs, that are using different standards and security mechanisms. As a result, it is difficult to control who has access to which APIs and API consumers are struggling with the different security handshakes. In this demo-packed session, Toon will explain how you can leverage Azure API Management and other Azure Services to optimize, streamline and standardize your overall API security. This will be showcased by exposing a legacy SOAP service as a RESTful API with modern OAuth2 security, using Frontdoor, API Management, Azure AD, Key Vault and private endpoints.

Automate your Azure infrastructure with Bicep and Azure DevOps!

The expectation of modern applications is that they are provisioned in a completely automated fashion. Easier said than done! In this demo-packed session, I will automate the provisioning of a web application by using Bicep and Azure DevOps. We will go together through the complete process. Throughout this session you will learn many tips and tricks and best practices to ensure that secrets are handled correctly, that the developer experience is optimized and that we have and end-to-end traceability.

My 10 biggest Azure mistakes I want you to learn from!

We all mistakes, so do I! It’s what makes us human! Making a mistake is an opportunity to learn, so we can avoid these in the future! In this session, I want to share some of my biggest mistakes and most importantly: how this can help you to build better solutions on the Azure platform! We will take a tour through many Azure PaaS services and highlight the useful aspects that help you to avoid running into trouble. I will show you tips and tricks on security, scalability, governance, cost management, infrastructure as code, networking, etc… Join me in this session if you want to learn from real stories from the field!

Integrating the Power Platform through Azure!

Integration is one of the biggest challenges in IT nowadays. Data should flow between applications and external parties, to improve the overall efficiency. Due to its nature, Power Platform implementations will always face this challenge.

This session dives into the integration options of the Power Platform and showcases - with some compelling demos - how you can maximize your Power Platform investment by integrating it through Azure Integration Services. We will cover import/export, sync/async and real-time/batch scenarios. Will you join me to learn how to connect your Power solutions with the rest of the world?