Trent Jones

Information & Communications Technology

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Trent Jones

Senior Developer at Readify

Trent is an experienced Senior Developer with a Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering). He has worked in a variety of industries including Subsea Oil & Gas, Mining, Entertainment, Telecoms and Banking/Finance. He loves spending time with his 4 daughters, playing Floorball and tinkering with anything; tech or otherwise.

Current sessions

Failure is always an option

Failure is commonly thought of as something to shy away from, something to avoid. Why is our mindset this way? We can't always get things right the first time. Maybe we don't know the right answer, maybe the client changed their mind, maybe we just had a bad day. Failure is a part of life and it's something that should be accepted, normalized and even celebrated. I take you on a journey of my failures (Technical and non-Technical) and the ways in which I learnt from them, in the hopes that I can encourage you to embrace failing too.