Troy Tuttle

Troy Tuttle

Lean Agile Coach

Troy Tuttle is a Lean-Agile coach, software developer mentor, and consultant with over 12 years of experience working in Lean-Agile environments. He currently operates KanFlow, a consulting firm dedicated to helping software professionals, teams, and organizations improve by the study and application of Lean and Agile principles through training, coaching, and mentoring.

Troy has been involved in the community as a conference organizer, user group facilitator, and speaker. In 2015, he founded the Lean Agile Kansas City conference. For the last decade, he has facilitated a Lean-Agile user group in the KC area for the benefit of Lean and Agile practitioners. Troy has been a speaker in the Lean-Agile space since 2010, promoting Lean-Agile ideas at conferences like Lean Kanban North America, Agile Alliance, and Lean Agile US.

Most of Troy's work is directed by approaches that support the why behind Lean and Agile, even if that means questioning the Agile industry’s status quo.

Past and future events

KCDC 2018

11 Jul - 13 Jul 2018