Halvar Trøyel Nerbø

Information & Communications Technology

Azure Data Platform Azure Synapse Azure Data Lake Azure Data Factory Azure Databricks Terraform CI/CD Azure DevOps Microsoft Power BI

Oslo, Norway

Halvar Trøyel Nerbø

Cloud driven Data Engineer

Trøyel digs data engineering, DevOps and all that jazz! Trøyel enjoys himself the most when he gets to work the big picture as well as with both hands down into the 'porridge'. He loves to spin up resources using Terraform and Azure DevOps. Orchestrate and move in Data Factory / Synapse and transform using Dtabricks/Spark before throwing it into Power BI.

In his free time, he likes to sing, drink beer, and travel (and often all together!). Trøyel works as a consultant in Norway.