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TruongSinh Tran-Nguyen

GDE - Flutter

GDE - Flutter. 10ys working with startups in Finland and Vietnam. Nordic Startup Award - People’s choice CTO 2016. Leading teams and hands-on with various tech stacks spreading from cloud to frontend and mobile.

Current sessions

Add Flutter to your production Android App

There are several instructions on how to add Flutter to your existing Andriod App, including the official wiki, but none of it has been done on a real Production app, thus when we were doing so, there were more challenges than we had anticipated, such as code organizing with submodules, support for AndroidX and product flavors, passing data back-and-forth similar to what you do with intent#putExtra and startActivityForResult, support plugins on which this module depends, support different routes while caching. Here is the step-by-step instruction with code example to do so.

Flutter - NOT yet another cross-platform framework

Having painful experiences with NativeScript and failed PoC React Native (especially on Android), the development and Executive teams are terrified of any further mention of "cross-platform mobile framework". This is how we presented Flutter, how it is technologically and strategically different from what we have used and tried.

Flutter with IoT

Our roller-coster journey on how Flutter was a life-saver to do quick PoC for an IoT application, porting a Java codebase to Flutter to be used on both Android and iOS (as iOS codebase was not available)

Past and future events

Meetup: Why Flutter and Flutter for IoT

23 Mar 2019
Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam