Tsahi Duek

Tsahi Duek

Amazon Web Services, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, Containers

London, United Kingdom

Tsahi Duek is a Principal Container Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. He has 15+ years of experience in building production environments, focusing on reliability, scalability and operational aspects of the platform. He has a background of production architect with a software developer engineer mind.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Containers
  • Kubernetes
  • Amazon ECS
  • Terraform
  • DevOps
  • DevOps Skills
  • DevOpsCulture
  • Platform Engineering
  • gitops

Kubernetes Deployment and Management: From Platform to API

When organizations adopt Kubernetes, they want to improve productivity, developer experience, and consistency.Kubernetes is used by some customers as a platform, and IaC tooling is used to provision backing services. Others are trying to standardize Kubernetes as a centralized API to manage both application components: runtime and infrastructure.Platform teams focus on building deployment abstractions to reduce cognitive load on developers and facilitate deployment of fully configured applications.
The session will explore different options for deploying infrastructure and runtime components of the application and showcase open source tools such as Kubevela and Crossplane that enable those deployments. We will conclude with a demonstration to deploy the application components (runtime and infrastructure services) leveraging Kubernets API as an abstraction layer, with OSS GitOps tooling.

Multi-Cluster Management Made Easy: Leveraging IaC and GitOps for Accelerated Application Deployment

Platform teams focus on enabling other teams in the organization. They are responsible for providing the right tooling to Application teams, allowing them to focus on building new functionality. Using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tooling and a GitOps-based delivery model for Kubernetes cluster provisioning and configuration greatly accelerates application deployment by empowering application teams to independently manage their deployment process. It also enables managing multiple clusters consistently and efficiently across multiple environments.

In this session learn how to create an automated IaC blueprint configuration to build your Kubernetes clusters across multiple environments. You will also learn how the combination of IaC and GitOps enables cluster multi-tenancy, security controls, and increases deployment velocity for application teams.

How Abstracting Deployment Configuration Can Improve Developer Productivity

This session will discuss the challenges that developers and platform teams face, and how the interlock between them can affect the time it takes to deliver features and business value for your applications. In this presentation, we will discuss the abstraction approach that will provide flexibility and independence for application teams, while keeping security, standards, and isolation in mind.

ContainerDays 2023

September 2023 Hamburg, Germany

PlatformCon 2023

June 2023

Tsahi Duek

Amazon Web Services, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, Containers

London, United Kingdom