Tugce Ozdeger

Information & Communications Technology

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Stockholm, Sweden

Tugce Ozdeger

Senior Software Engineer | Founder & CEO/CTO @Datatera

Tugce is a .NET developer with 10+ years of experience in developing complex systems of any kind.

She's Founder & CEO at Datatera which is is a marketplace to connect Data Owners and Data Scientists by providing a secure, trustworthy seamless digital platform experience to make larger samples of real-world AI and Machine Learning datasets available to reduce the biases in AI models.

She likes trying new techniques within the .NET framework and is an object-oriented programming enthusiast. She has a genuine interest in data structures & algorithms as a back-end developer and she equally enjoys developing in front-end as well. She's always striving for maintainable and testable code.

Tugce holds a Master's in Computer Science from Uppsala University.

Past and future events

Swetugg 2020

3 Feb 2020 - 4 Feb 2020
Stockholm, Sweden


Lightning Talk "How to stay calm when things go wrong in prod?" at If P&C Insurance HQ
25 Sep 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

.NET Trainee Program - Dive deep into SOLID principles & Coding Challenge

Applying Object-Oriented Programming Concepts & SOLID Principles at If P&C Insurance HQ
19 Aug 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

.NET Trainee Program - What's Agile Software Development for real?

Agile Software Development at If P&C Insurance HQ
16 Aug 2019
Stockholm, Sweden