Turner, Doyle M

Turner, Doyle M

Digital Tool Maker | Security Advocate

Somerset, Kentucky, United States

Husband | Father | Tattooed creator of digital tools | OOP & FP | Tinkerer | Student | Mentor | Speaker | Security Advocate

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • DevOps
  • DevOps Transformation
  • DevOps & Automation
  • Software Development
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • DevSecOps
  • Agile software development
  • DevOpsCulture
  • DevOps Skills
  • DevOps Journey
  • DevOps Agile Methodology & Culture
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • AWS DevOps
  • devops security
  • Azure Services and DevOps
  • SecDevOps

Modeling Threats

Discussion of threat modeling, how it can improve the SDLC, and how it can be approached. Threat modeling can be a useful tool for developing secure software that is defensively programmed, but it is not well understood. We will take a look at what it is and some of the output that can be expected from threat modeling.

DevSecOps for IaC

Infrastructure as Code has quickly advanced the ability of teams to quickly scale software. Sometimes it moves so fast that it's difficult to ensure the quality of security on large scale deployments of infrastructure and software. Here we will look at some common issues and discuss how to approach them without stopping the momentum of a project.

DevSecOps A Primer

As we advance the practices of DevOps it is vital that security becomes a core tenant of the process. There are common scenarios that should be included as part of DevSecOps processes. During this workshop, we will explore some of those scenarios and work through challenges that apply best practices to real code.


Sometimes the best way to learn what to do is through looking at what not to do. In this talk, we will look at a collection of DevSecOps failures, large and small. We will touch on what went wrong, how it went wrong, the result, and how it could have been avoided. (Some names may be changed to protect the innocent)

Building Connected Teams in Disconnected Environments

Working with a distributed team presents its own difficulties. Not just around communication, but also feeling like you are part of a team. Tools, techniques, and team-building will be discussed during this session.

(IAM) Secured

With all the talk in development communities about the importance of security how to is often missed. In this session, we will discuss smart segregation of authentication and authorization. Once we have clearly identified the difference we will walk through implementing some simple security scenarios using Azure IAM. In the process, we will get some much-needed exposure to the how of implementing access through Azure.

Live! 360 Orlando 2019

November 2019 Orlando, Florida, United States

Turner, Doyle M

Digital Tool Maker | Security Advocate

Somerset, Kentucky, United States