Ust Oldfield

Ust Oldfield

Cloud Walker and data geek who dives into data lakes, architects data platforms and empowers users through good data strategy

London, United Kingdom

I help others unlock value in data through consulting, mentoring and knowledge sharing. I love learning new technology and new ways of implementation - whether that's driven by people, process, or technology; and sharing those learnings with the wider community.

When not learning, working or knowledge sharing , I love spending time with my family and cooking up delicious storms in the kitchen.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • Data Strategy
  • Data Strategy & Leadership
  • Data Structures
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Data
  • Azure Data Platform
  • BI on the data lake
  • Big Data Analytics
  • data engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • All things data
  • Analytics and Big Data
  • Modern Data stack
  • Enterprise Data Analytics
  • Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Architecture & Design
  • Azure Architecture

Practical Agile Data Product Design: From Strategy to User Story

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, understanding the intricacies of data product design and the power of Agile is imperative for professionals seeking to excel in implementing their data initiatives.

Welcome to the Practical Agile Data Product Design training course, an engaging and comprehensive program designed to introduce the foundations and to build upon them iteratively in an Agile manner.

This training course offers a transformative opportunity to gain expertise in data product design through collaborative group activities, harness the potential of Agile methodologies, and understand the pivotal role of the Lakehouse in modern data initiatives.

Whether you're a seasoned data professional or embarking on a new data-focused journey, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the dynamic world of data with confidence. Join us on this educational journey and unlock the keys to success in the data-driven era.

Our comprehensive agenda includes the following highlights:
- The Lakehouse Advantage: Understand why the Lakehouse is a cornerstone for successful data initiatives.
- Relevance of Data Modelling: Uncover why data modelling remains essential in the era of big data.
- Data Product Thinking: Understand what a data product is and how Product Thinking applies to it
- Agile Principles: Dive into the principles and flavours of Agile methodologies, including the Data Ops Manifesto.
- Innovative SunBeam: Explore the ground breaking concept of SunBeam, from its history to the product design process and documentation.
- Hands-on-Experience with Agile and SunBeam: Participate in a series of hands-on group activities using a fictional company and business process as the backdrop, to fully learn how Agile and SunBeam can be used together to design data products.
- Delivery Planning: Using the design of your data product, understand how you can create effective data stories and user questions to facilitate delivery

5 Characteristics of a Great Data Product

Understand how the five key characteristics of a great data product allow for success and give tangible results which actually make a difference to your organisation.

Our approach not only centres on delivering exceptional data products but also on empowering data teams within organisations to transcend their traditional roles and become trusted partners for their business counterparts.

DataWatch: Seeing the Unseen in Data Platforms and Products through Observability

In this session, we delve into the pivotal role of observability in the realm of data platforms and data products. Observability, a concept transcending mere monitoring, offers a comprehensive view of data systems, enabling stakeholders to understand not only what is happening within their platforms but also why it's happening. This session will explore how observability practices can effectively monitor usage and activity, thus providing valuable insights for adoption strategies and governance models.

We will discuss practical approaches to implement observability in data platforms and products, focusing on techniques to capture and analyze metrics for a data platform - focusing on Power BI, Fabric and Databricks.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how observability can be a driving force in fostering user adoption and adherence to governance policies, as well as how to practically apply observability to their own platform. Observe early. Observe often.

The session is designed for data professionals, platform managers, and governance teams, aiming to harness the power of observability for making informed decisions, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring compliance. Through real-world examples and interactive discussions, participants will leave with a comprehensive toolkit to elevate their data platform and product management strategies.

Philosophy and Data: Bridging the Divide

In an age where data is both the lifeblood and the driving force of our digital world, our philosophies are often over-looked, or over-shadowed, by data itself. In today's data-driven world, the marriage of philosophy and data opens a fascinating realm of inquiry, where age-old questions and timeless wisdom intersect with the cutting-edge challenges posed by data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Join us for a captivating session titled "Philosophy and Data: Bridging the Divide" as we embark on a journey to explore the profound philosophical implications of data in the 21st century.

This enlightening session will traverse the intricate landscape where philosophy and data converge:

1. Epistemological Foundations: Dive into the fundamental questions of knowledge, truth, and belief, and how they relate to data acquisition, validation, and the pursuit of objective understanding.

2. Ontological Exploration: Explore the nature of data itself—what it means for something to be data, its relationship to reality, and the ontological implications of digital existence.

3. Philosophical Frameworks: Investigate how philosophical traditions can inform our understanding of data and its role in shaping our perceptions of the world.

4. Data and Society: Analyse the broader societal implications of data, considering issues of power, control, surveillance, and the impact of data on individual and collective identity.

5. Privacy and Autonomy: Discuss how philosophical ideas about individual rights and autonomy intersect with data privacy, consent, and the concept of ownership in the digital age.

6. Existential and Metaphysical Questions: Contemplate existential and metaphysical questions about the nature of data-driven reality and its impact on human existence and meaning.

Join us for an enlightening exploration of the synergy between philosophy and data, where age-old philosophical questions find new relevance in our data-rich world. Whether you're a philosopher, data scientist, ethicist, or simply curious about the profound intersections of thought and data, this session promises to stimulate deep reflection and ignite meaningful conversations. Come bridge the divide with us as we navigate the complex relationship between philosophy and the ever-expanding universe of data.

So you want to be a Data Engineer?

Being Data Engineers, we think it’s a cool profession to work in. It's also becoming one of the most in-demand skill-sets across industries and sectors.
In this Session - Anna, Mikey and Ust will introduce you to the role of a Data Engineer; some of the technologies and tools used within the discipline; before guiding you to resources that will help you learn the basics and further develop your expertise.
We’ll share parts of our own journeys to becoming Data Engineers, and how you can use your existing experience to transition from careers such as being a DBA, Software Engineering or just having a passion for data and problem solving.

Don't be afraid of change! Learn about schema evolution and watch your data grow and evolve

People change. Requirements change. Technology changes. Data changes.

Don't be afraid of change. Learn how to adapt and control the evolution of your data schemas in your Lakehouse so you can gracefully and harmoniously respond to changes of data from source systems, changes in requirements from your customers, and change how you want to present data, so that you can not worry.

In this session, we'll take a look at how to manage schema evolution when a source system changes the structure of the data it provides your Lakehouse using Databricks Autoloader, as well as how to control the evolution of your target analytical data model from physical schema, to semantic layer and what your customers see in their reports.

Data Modelling Showdown: Unravelling the Mysteries of Different Data Modelling Approaches

Some people and organisations have a preference for a data modelling approach, whether that's a Kimball Star Schema, Data Vault, One Big Table, or something else. Lots of people and organisations don't know where to begin with data modelling, let along have a preferred approach.

In the world of data management and analytics, choosing the right data modelling approach is a critical decision that significantly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of data-driven projects. Join us for an exhilarating "Data Modelling Showdown: Unravelling the Mysteries of Different Data Modelling Approaches!" as we explore the diverse landscape of data modelling techniques.

In this dynamic session, we will embark on a thrilling journey through various data modelling methodologies, including Dimensional, Data Vault, Graph, and more. This session will demystify the unique strengths and use cases of each approach, providing a comprehensive understanding of when to leverage them for optimal results.

Whether you are a seasoned data professional seeking to expand your modelling toolkit or a data enthusiast eager to unravel the mysteries of data modelling, this session promises to be an eye-opening and empowering experience. Don't miss the chance to join us for this exhilarating showdown, and discover the best data modelling approach for your next data-driven endeavour!

SQLBits 2024 - General Sessions Sessionize Event

March 2024 Farnborough, United Kingdom

Data Community Austria Day 2024 Sessionize Event

January 2024 Vienna, Austria

#DataWeekender 6.5 Sessionize Event

November 2023

DATA:Scotland 2022 Sessionize Event

September 2022 Glasgow, United Kingdom

SQLBits 2022 Sessionize Event

March 2022 London, United Kingdom

Ust Oldfield

Cloud Walker and data geek who dives into data lakes, architects data platforms and empowers users through good data strategy

London, United Kingdom

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