Vatsalya Goel

Vatsalya Goel

Technical Lead @ Telstra Purple | Security Enthusiast

Melbourne, Australia

Vatsalya is a technologist who engages people in interesting conversations around security. His love for security and experience as a developer allows him to try innovative ways of solving problems and enable his teams to deliver secure code without security being a process hindrance.

He loves to tinker with new languages, explore new ways of designing software and dive into something new in the IT world. In his spare time you will find him contributing to random Open Source Software as a way to give back to the community.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud Computing

Automating your DNS

DNS is the often referred to as backbone of the internet. Every time we interact we interact with a website, a domain name is translated to an IP address like a phonebook lookup. When it comes to managing it in an organisation, we are still stuck in the past with change requests and manual updates within a portal.

There is a better way to do this. In this talk we will go over a Domain Specific Language for DNS that will bring modern DevOps practices to DNS management including:

• Source Control for DNS
• Pull Requests instead of Change Requests
• CI/CD instead of manual updates
• State Management
• Integrating with multiple providers support

The trust in Open Source Software

Every day developers rely on Open Source Software to deliver value and add functionality in their projects. While these Open Source projects are essential to any mature software, have we taken a step back an analysed whether the code it safe? Is this trust misplaced?

This talk will go through ways we can bring the trust back and give developers the confidence to add these packages in their projects. We will look at how malicious code can be added to these packages, what actions can be taken to prevent such packages from being added to our source code, and finally what steps need to be taken if a vulnerable package is found in our source code.

NDC Sydney 2019

October 2019 Sydney, Australia

Insider Dev Tour

Build Embedded and IoT Solutions with Microsoft Windows IoT Core

Windows IoT is a family of products that enables rich edge devices and applications that can take full advantage of Azure IoT capabilities. We’ll explore the latest capabilities for Windows IoT, and then show how you can use all of your existing Windows development skills to create solutions ranging from fun hobby projects all the way through to critical Intelligent Edge solutions.

July 2019 Melbourne, Australia

Vatsalya Goel

Technical Lead @ Telstra Purple | Security Enthusiast

Melbourne, Australia