Victory Brown

Victory Brown


Abuja, Nigeria

Victory Brown is a researcher, community builder, strategist, and designer interacting with designers and software owners about the state of digital design. At Design Matters, she works as an organizer for their yearly digital design event. She also edits and creates content for their monthly design magazine and newsletter while writing user research blog posts on LogRocket. She is also an open-source community leader at sustain OSS, a researcher, and a design coach on Superbloom's coaching program with the German Prototype Fund. With over four years of experience spanning these roles, she has carved out a niche as a multidisciplinary designer, designing experiences for communities, conferences, and projects through content, experience, or sustainability.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • UX / Accessibility
  • UX Writing
  • Design
  • open source
  • open source communities
  • Community Management
  • Blockchain Development
  • technical writing

Women Empowerment in Technology

In most technical communities or organisations, there is little or no diversity especially when it comes to gender roles. The link between technology and women rights is enshrined in the SDGs for gender equality. How technology can change a woman life and how Women can use technology to empower themselves and improve their standards of living. This talk will highlight challenges women face in the Tech ecosystem, How to empower women in tech, organizations that support women in tech empowerment and how to sponsor women in tech.

Where does Design fit in Space?

It is no longer news that the concept of design has moved from just the physical look of a product to how the product works. As we all know things in space are influenced by gravity.
Years from now, with an increased number of passengers on a spaceship and a variety of personas on a flight. There is a possibility for these persons to get frustrated, in their bid to interact with products in space. At this point, there is a need to design products and solutions, like we already do, on earth, every single day. It is important to understand that as much as engineering is important to space in terms of science and facts, Design plays a bigger part in using social behaviors and patterns to structure science and facts in order to design intuitive and seamless interfaces. The two work together. In this talk, I would be spotlighting Introduction to Space Architecture and the dynamics, Data-driven decision-making, and Designing for adaptation. This would help to throw more light on designing earthly concepts to fit space life. These are concepts that would guide designers for outer space. Key takeaways from this talk leaving this session, you would be able to take home with you key concepts that would be applied to space design and also create awareness on investing in good design.

UX inclusivity in Open source projects

Design inclusion is mostly overlooked in Open source and sometimes UX is paid the least attention. UX aims at improving the experience of users while using a product. This talk will highlight reasons why UX should not be overlooked within an outside Open source projects. UX is a way of life and as such, should be included in all forms. whether UX writing or Research.

open design in open source

This talk focuses on bridging the gap between developers and designers in open source, it highlights ways in which Open source maintainers can help designers contribute.

Introduction to Building a Diverse/inclusive design community

Design is everything, How things look, work and feel, a lot of design communities have good design and designers, but are not diverse in their design. Could this be a a result of creative block or lack of Creativity and inspiration. In this talk I would be highlighting ways organizations and designers can become diverse and inclusive

Creativity and Technology.

Advanced technologies are having great impacts on the mind, more than we believe but modern tools are making you more creative. Despite the differences in the two words, they still have a way of working together. Some believe technology has hindered creativity while others would differ. In this talk we would be focusing on how to find balance between creativity, innovation and technology.

Best Practices for Responsive Design: Mobile first

In the field of Web design and development, we’re quickly getting to the point of being unable to keep up with the endless new resolutions, trends, tools, and devices. Designing and developing products according to user needs was only the beginning of trends, now we also develop to fit device preference. This process is referred to as Responsive Design. More users are starting to access web material on handheld devices than on desktops. In this session, I would be discussing the three core principles of responsive design, Developing Responsive design by Mobile-first practice, Best Practices & Considerations for Responsive Design, How designers can collaborate with developers to create responsive designs, and finally Why Product owners and developers should consider Responsive design

Beginners Guide to Open Source Design

There is a myth that Open source is for developers only. For years many designers have believed this myth. Most of the designers who contribute to open source, find it difficult to use most open source tools and cannot make pull requests. Since there are more developers contributing, finding design issues can be difficult for most designers. Open source maintainers and project managers need to make conscious efforts in making room for designers to contribute.
In this talk, I’ll be highlighting several challenges of Designers in open source, solutions to these issues and how to get started it has contributing to open source as a designer. And how Maintainers can help designers make pull requests.

Victory Brown


Abuja, Nigeria

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