Vineet Patni

Vineet Patni

Coach | Trainer | Dreamer | Learner | Thinker | Speaker

Pune, India

Vineet is a passionate trainer, a compassionate coach, an avid learner, an aspiring author, and a firm believer in Lean-Agile-Scrum values and principles.

Vineet strives to integrate work and personal life so he can live a fulfilling life. He chose to follow his passion for teaching, combined to bring positive change and live his core values of service and contribution. That’s where he found his Ikigai (his reason for being).

He serves organizations in reshaping workplaces by adopting collaboration-based work environments by spreading the right Agile Mindset, thereby enabling Business Agility.

In the last eight years, Vineet has performed various roles such as Scrum Trainer, Scrum Master, Agile Coach & Trainer, Leadership Coach & Trainer, Enterprise Transformation Coach, Community Leader, and Conference Speaker.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Scrum
  • Leadership
  • agile
  • Lean

Minimalism: The Key to Maximizing Value and Great Product Ownership

As per the Scrum Guide, “The Product Owner is accountable for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team.” A lack of more profound understanding of this, coupled with the misunderstood stance of a Product Owner as the output maximizer, results in suboptimal products and wasted efforts of the Scrum team members.

Well, keeping people busy and producing much stuff is not the intent of Agile Product Development using Scrum. But then, what is the missing ingredient to create successful products? Simplicity and doing less are the mantra!

In this participatory session, the speaker will bring fresh perspectives about successful Product Ownership through success stories of great achievers, connecting principally to Lean Thinking and Agile values & principles.

Co-Leadership: The Real Essence of Agile Teams

Is Agile leadership limited to a few roles like Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches? Thinking of leadership as an individual role is well past its prime. Some of the greatest success stories of the last few decades (Apple, Inc., Infosys, the Agile Manifesto, and even the Scrum Framework) were scripted by a group of people through “shared, collaborative Leadership” or simply “Co-Leadership.”

Co-Leadership is essential in achieving excellent outcomes in today’s uncertain times. Great teams are those where every team member is a Co-Leader. Agile Leadership is about intentionally encouraging the acts and spirit of Co-Leadership in everyone. However, there is much more to co-leading than having a common goal and joint accountability. In this session titled ‘Co-Leadership: The Real Essence of Agile Teams,’ we will deeply explore the concept of Co-Leadership and find how it is “inherent” in truly Agile teams.

Vineet Patni

Coach | Trainer | Dreamer | Learner | Thinker | Speaker

Pune, India

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