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Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

Viv Richards

Not the cricketer!

I am an Independent Lead QA Consultant with over 10 years experience helping develop web applications. Director of Rubber Duck Consulting, a trainer having provided hands-on workshops across the UK, and an international keynote speaker. I've presented and facilitated at meetups and conferences all around Europe and in the USA.

I am a STEM ambassador and in my spare time I enjoy teaching children to code as a CodeClub volunteer.

I enjoy blogging and love helping build the local software community. I do this by attending, speaking at and organising local meetups as well as South Wales largest software development conference.

Current sessions

Spot the difference; automating visual regression testing

This session looks at common issues with just relying on end to end automation testing tools, using examples to demonstrate common pitfalls and how visual testing can help add another tool to your tool belt.

The talk looks at why we automate tests, the issue with just manually testing, common end to end automation pitfalls, a brief introduction to visual testing and finally a look at common issues with visual testing and ways to overcome them.

Through the use of interactive examples the audience will gain an understanding of why relying on just manual testing can become an issue and how too much automation has a negative impact by looking at testing anti-patterns. The audience will also learn what visual testing is, what tools are available, some of the common pitfalls of using visual testings as well as tips on ways to overcome them based on experience of creating a custom visual test framework at my current employer.

Automated Visual Testing: The Missing Part of your CI Pipeline?

Including tests for the design and the look of the website into your CI (Continuous Integration) automation suite is a huge step forward in ensuring mistakes don't slip through the net. Testers no longer have to play a game of spot-the-difference to find potentially high-impact mistakes, such as mis-aligned buttons that can be selected by Selenium but are hidden from a real user, or text and images accidentally changing or disappearing off screen.

DevTools deep dive

This session will take you through a deep dive into Chrome DevTools. What is DevTools and why should you care? What is each pane capable of doing? There's a lot more to DevTools under the hood. Using a sample sweet shop project ( built specifically for this session you will learn:

* How to test client side validation,
* Inspecting markup,
* Fixing style issues,
* Testing for colour contrasts for accessibility,
* Simulating mobile viewports,
* Throttling mobile devices,
* Locating page errors,
* Using the console to help debug errors,
* How to use local overrides to persist changes on page reload,
* Throttling desktop connections,
* Locating and inspecting cookies,
* WebSQL?
* The power of the audits pane,
* Tracking CSS/JS changes,
* Code coverage of CSS/JS,
* Quick jump menu?,
* Screenshots (fullpages/individual elements),
* Extending DevTools

Tools, workflows and processes are always changing in the tester landscape and this session will arm you with the knowledge to incorporate all of this in to your web testing journey.

In this session you will learn what most of the DevTool panes do and how to incorporate this knowledge in to your web testing.

Better the 'DevTool' you know

Despite its name, DevTools isn’t just a tool for developers.

DevTools contains many tools which can help you in your day to day development and testing of web applications. Whether you want to know how to put client validation to the test, gain a better understanding of how to identify, and debug errors, check CSS/JS code coverage or just simply run audits on your web applications, then this session is for you.

Perhaps you’ve heard about DevTools but have never used it? Maybe you’ve used one or two of the tools within a few of the panels but don’t fully understand how some of the tools could help you. Throughout this session I will highlight a handful of useful tools that are available.

Level up your tests with Postman

While some UI testing will always be needed to verify that elements appear on a page and can be interacted with, API tests are much faster and more reliable than UI-based tests and can offer quicker feedback.

By pushing tests further down the stack you can gain more confidence in the software you are trying to develop and release, and shorten the feedback loops in order to adapt to change when things don't go quite to plan.

Join me in this session to learn how to get started testing APIs using Postman. Whether your totally new to Postman or API testing or you've done a little, in this session I will share how to get started as well as various hints and tips to start to hopefully help you find bugs earlier in the development process, often before the UI has been created.

* Learn what API testing is and why you should care
* Discover what Postman is and how to get started testing APIs with it
* Learn some tips and tricks to take your Postman API testing to the next level

Past and future events

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Spot the difference; Automating Visual Regression Testing
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2 May 2018
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Test and QA Wales Meetup

Automated Visual Testing. The Missing Part of your CI Pipeline?
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Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

DDD South West 2018

Spot the difference; automating visual regression testing
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Leeds Testing Atelier

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Swansea Software Development Community

Spot the difference; Automating Visual Regression Testing
21 Aug 2017
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