Wanda L. Scott

Wanda L. Scott

Empowering a Greater YOU!

Wanda L. Scott is an Educator. Her educational reach has spanned from being an Associate Professor in Higher Education, a Corporate Trainer specializing in Effective Communications and Leadership Development for companies such as Nissan, to being an ordained minister teaching the Word of God. Currently Wanda is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at a small Technology company in Washington DC. While working in Corporate America as an IT Networking Engineer for companies like Bridgestone and Microsoft, she also trained their employees and Government clients such as the IRS and the Department of State. Throughout Wanda’s career she experienced constant growth, forward movement and change. Previous positions in corporate America have sharpened her Leadership, Customer Relations and Training skills working with customers in the area of Technology and Account Management in large corporations. From these experiences she is releasing her latest book called, RESILIENCE: Finding Your Power Within. This books speaks to the heart of women and minorities in fields where they find themselves out-numbered and seemingly alone. These notes from the field offer practical advice and perspectives that we all need to find our power within. Wanda reveals how stress, demands, mindsets and un-checked behavior propelled her to Greater.
Wanda L. Scott believes that the greatest statement we can make is to love one another. As an accomplished Author with multiple books, her desire is to tell stories of what is possible when we search deep within by the power of God to be GREATER! Wanda recognized the need to mentor, encourage and champion the call for Women in IT; organizing student groups at her college and speaking at Technology conferences on resilience and diversity. Now Wanda travels, empowering, educating and encouraging others with practical experience on how to communicate, lead, transition and redefine YOU.
Wanda owns WE, LLC, and lives in Washington DC. For more information visit www.WandaLScott.com

Current sessions

Listen to Me! How Women can be Passionate and still Communicate with Power and Clarity

By taking part in this session, attendees will learn how to passionately communicate, and not be blind sighted by unconscious perceptions. Excellent communication is not gender specific. Awareness is the key for women to excel in their communication in diverse environments. Attendees will also learn:
 Passionate does not equal Emotional
 Assertive is not Aggressive
 Tone Conveys Confidence
 How your presence is Power!
 Many words do not equate to clarity

Developing Resilience: Building The Power Within

You can’t be in the IT Space and not meet an obstacle! This session is designed to bring Participants insight on how to build their Personal Power within to face every challenge, by understanding their value. Leadership, Management and Industry Professionals will gain a changed prospective that values uniqueness. Wanda will inspire attendees to have a diversified mindset, and celebrate the opportunity to build relationships by connecting with a growing segment of “geek” girls ready to change the world!
This session will give participants a look into a perspective that is very seldom heard. These notes from the field will provide unique information from an enthusiastic lover of IT. It will also provide inspiration for minorities, celebrating our unique contribution to the field.