Wessel Loth

Wessel Loth

Tech Lead at Arcady

Zwolle, Netherlands

Wessel is a Tech Lead at Arcady (https://arcady.nl), a Dutch IT consultancy firm based in Zwolle. He loves diversity in his work, working on anything between micro-frontend to distributed backend. Wessel works as a Lead Developer at Agrifirm using technologies like Angular, .NET and Azure. Previously, Wessel worked at ING Investments as the Lead Frontend Platform Engineer focusing on delivering a future-proof investment platform built with Web Components using Lit and Polymer.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Web Development
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Architecture

Fire your frontend framework with Lit!

React, Angular and Vue and the most widely used frontend frameworks these days. But did you know you can build modern frontend applications without any of these big and bulky dependencies? You can, using Web Components!

During this talk, Wessel will take you on a journey to the heart of the modern web, where standards such as Custom Elements, Declarative Shadow DOM and HTML Templates define the next big thing in frontend development. Using a small utility library called Lit, you will learn to love the native web just like Google, Adobe, SAP and ING have.

Preferred durations: min. 30 to 60 minutes including questions.
Target audience: frontend or full stack developers who may have heard about Web Components, but have not used them extensively.

The Next Big Thing in Web Development

From MVC pages to JavaScript-heavy Single Page Applications, and back again to server-side rendered frontend apps. Did we come full circle? And what are the implications for the future of web development? Technologies such as WebAssembly, Cloud Native development and more are quietly developing to be the "Next Big Thing". In this session, I'll show you what I think are the biggest upcoming technologies for the next five years & beyond.

This is a keynote-style session, explaining my vision on web development in the (near) future, with some comedic takes and introductory information on technologies such as Web Assembly, Cloud Native development and Web Components without showing too much code.

The target audience is any Software Developer who is interested in learning more about upcoming technologies that cause a lot of buzz.

TEQnation 2022

May 2022 Utrecht, Netherlands

Ilionx DevDays 2022

April 2022

WebDev Zwolle (Hosting)

April 2022 Zwolle, Netherlands

DIJ - Ode aan de Code

Fire your frontend framework with Lit!

March 2022 Utrecht, Netherlands

Wessel Loth

Tech Lead at Arcady

Zwolle, Netherlands