Wim Debreuck

Wim Debreuck

Mission: To explore strange new Behavior - To seek out new Specification and new Business Value - To boldly Design New Streaming Solutions where it matters

Brussels, Belgium

Business Analist/Solution architect/Kafka addict and cofounder of software engineering company Debreuck Neirynck (d-n.be) and streaming company Cymo.eu.

Certified Volére
Speaker at BA & Beyond Antwerp 2018, Belgium
Speaker at DDD Europe Amsterdam 2019, Netherlands
Speaker at 2nd European Business Analysis day 2019, Frankfurt, Germany
Speaker at International Conference of the System Dynamics Society 2019, Albuquerque, US
Speaker at Oracle Autonomous Database Summit Bruxelles 2019
Speaker at Radboud University: System Dynamics & Streaming Architectures lecture
Member IIBA
Lecture at UCL Belgium - 2022
Speaker at cdc.dev - Dominican Republic 2022
Speaker at Domain Driven Europe Amsterdam 2023
EDA architect cymo.eu

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Event Streaming
  • Solution Architecture
  • Kafka
  • Apache Kafka

Why and how to back-up your "business events"?

Kafka is a distributed system and can be configured to provide a high level of resilience on its own. That is the reason people are in doubt and don't know if they even need a backup stream. We go over the different arguments and questions such as "What if somebody makes a human error which causes events to be deleted after a day?".
In this talk we explain how you can easily store your events in cloud file storage. We also explain how you can restore the data in topics of your own choice and how this relates to scheduled database backups in your environment.

Kafka operational best practice

Event driven large scale document generation with iText & Kafka

Project testimonial on the technical architecture of a document generation platform to scale up to > 10.000 pdf-generations per hour.  Resilience and horizontal scaling approach with the power of Kafka & iText/Dito components.

Power of streaming architecture to detect document-generation trigger and to data-provision the generation source from real time events.

Business Event Driven Architecture & Governance in action

Event-Driven Architecture is the only way to achieve resilient scalable reactive systems. It enables loose coupling, drives autonomy for the dev teams, and is the key to digital business behaviour monitoring.
But how do you implement EDA the right way? And make sure that it keeps being implemented the right way?
At Current 2022 there was a talk from Confluent explaining the value of a COE (Center of Excellence).
However, in this talk, We’ll be sharing several experiences in setting up a COE for large industrial companies, insurance and logistic environments.
From setting up a strong foundation, defining event designs, best practices, and principles to the guidance of development teams. The COE brings business and IT together to ensure EDA is set-up and used correctly, but also to identify and capitalize on new opportunities that automatically arise from using EDA.
Using several real life experiences (AXA Belgium, Engie, Nike, ...)

audience: architects, CIO's, operating model owners.

DDD and Business Event Symantics

What is the relation between a streaming architecture design and DDD and how can DDD help you in avoiding EDA death traps

Implementing governance in an Event Driven Architecture

The potential of EDA in large scale companies is enormous. The correct secure and governed implementation however is new and mostly unknown territory.

How to implement event-back-pressure for a Kafka-Dynamics 365 adaptor

presentation explains a design to implement Quality of Service, in a Business event Kafka landscape. How to handle bulk transactions and user-centric transactions and give them the correct priority for a DYN FO erp system and avoid the 'batch-job' way.

Best practices how to combine classic ERP architecture with a business event driven architecture.

Presentation will demo how streamed kafa-events can be 'back pressured'.

Session will zoom into :
- events and ordering
- auto lag detection
- streaming of events
- statestores

prox 60min talk
audience: solution/technical architects

Predictive Behavioral Models within streaming architectures

A complex dynamic business world needs a different architecture.
Design for knowledge, sourced from continuous current behavior and inform business what is ahead.

In the talk i'll be covering :
What is behavioral modeling/system dynamics and what is it's value in today's integration architecture
What is the difference between a message broker and a streaming platform?
Benefits of streaming architecture
Presenting an simple example case System Dynamics
Presenting real life high level integration architecture for MATECO/TVH Company using Kafka Streaming Platform.

Kafka: a true implementation story

Implementing Kafka as the event-source backbone within large organization.
Best-practices, pitfalls & governance, experience in true live projects @mateco & @AXA Insurance

Target: Solution architects, Integration, Engineering excellence
min 60min, max 90 min

Caribbean Developers Conference 2022

November 2022 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

International Conference of the System Dynamics Society 2019

July 2019 Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Domain-Driven Design Europe 2019

January 2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands

BA & Beyond 2018


May 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

Wim Debreuck

Mission: To explore strange new Behavior - To seek out new Specification and new Business Value - To boldly Design New Streaming Solutions where it matters

Brussels, Belgium