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Josh King

Geek, Father, Walking Helpdesk

Josh King is a Microsoft MVP and TechOps Systems Administrator at Tribe, an IT services organization in New Zealand. He predominantly works within Windows and VMware environments and has a passion for all things PowerShell.

Current sessions

Azure Durable Functions: Yes, PowerShell can fan out and in too

Durable Functions, an extension of Azure Functions, allow you to write serverless stateful functions. All the languages you would expect to see are supported, but one that might surprise is PowerShell.

As a PowerShell scripter, why would you want to use durable functions? How do you get started?

In this session, we’ll cover one of the first issues you might encounter when moving your PowerShell workloads to serverless functions and how you can solve it using a durable function.

Just Scrape off the Black Bits: Using BurntToast to Display Timely Notifications

Toasts are a notification scheme in most, if not all, modern Operating Systems. Microsoft makes heavy use of them in Windows 10, and so can you!

Come along for a crash course in what Toasts are, how they’re displayed, and how you can easily use them via the BurntToast PowerShell module.

This is a primer on Toast Notifications, think of it as a 101

Croque Monsieur: Step up Your Toast Notification Game

You know what toast notifications are, you know that you can generate them using the BurntToast PowerShell module. But now you're wanting to branch out a little and try some fancy toast. Maybe toast topped with avocado, hummus, or maybe Marmite?

Wait, wrong toast. It's an easy mistake!

Come along and see how you can make your toast notifications more visually appealing with GIFs and hero images. How you can dynamically update existing notifications with new information. And finally, how you can trigger certain actions directly from a notification.

This is a follow up to "Just Scrape off the Black Bits", think of it as a 201

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Croque Monsieur: Step up Your Toast Notification Game
6 Oct 2020


Croque Monsieur: Step up Your Toast Notification Game
29 Sep 2020

ServerlessDays ANZ 2020

3 Sep 2020