Yan Fisher

Information & Communications Technology

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Yan Fisher

Global evangelist in the Emerging Technologies team at Red Hat

Yan is an evangelist in the Emerging Technologies team at Red Hat where he extend his expertise in enterprise computing to emerging areas that Red Hat is exploring.

Yan has a deep background in systems design and architecture. He has spent the past 20 years of his career working in the computer and telecommunication industries where he tackled as diverse areas as sales and operations to systems performance and benchmarking.

With a passion for solutions-oriented and technical marketing Yan applies his domain knowledge and business experience to bring together partners' emerging technology strategies and customer perspectives into a single field of view. Having an eye for innovative approaches, he carefully balances his pragmatism with enthusiasm, as he works on making the connection between nascent topics and Red Hat's technology roadmap.

Current sessions

Why next generation of HPC systems need open source driven standardization

The HPC segment is in the process of transforming from grid architectures to private and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Driven by advanced computing technologies commonly found in big data analytics, AI/Machine learning and edge computing, the modern HPC infrastructure requires new design approaches that rely on having a choice of multiple hardware architectures, availability of accelerators/GPGPUs and presence of high performance interconnects to deliver highly scalable applications.
Learn how providing a common foundation across all major computing architectures minimizes the impact of hardware decisions on user workloads and applications, and helps customers run with maximum performance in critical HPC environments.

This may end up being a panel discussion where the audience will benefit from vendor-neutral PoV on changes in HPC segment.