Yannick Borghmans

Yannick Borghmans

M365 Technical Lead

Yannick is M365 Technical Lead at Ventigrate. As being eager to learn new stuff, he is always testing out the latest features and spreading the word inside Ventigrate and to its customers.

SPFx and your own Azure Active Directory secured APIs

With each new version of SharePoint Framework, new capababilities are added to ease the development work that needs to be done. A connection to Microsoft Graph was already possible, but the latest update of SharePoint Framework allows developers to connect to their enterprise APIs as well.

During a demo-intensive session you will learn how to access MS Graph and your Azure AD secured APIs from within the SharePoint Framework. We will built up an API, secure it with Azure AD and consume it by a SPFx webpart.

SPFx state management

Now SharePoint Framework is getting used more and more, a lot of struggles are popping up about passing the state and properties around the different components in your SPFx solution.

This session will provide you the multiple concepts of state management and a couple of implementations with Redux, React Hooks and many more.

Mastering SPFx in larger projects

Once you get passed the "Hello World"-projects with SharePoint Framework, you are probably more eager to try out new/more complicated stuff and to implement them in new projects. During this session, you will get a bunch of tips & tricks about how to manage larger SPFx projects and how to work together with multiple people in an SPFx-project.

Topics covered in this session:
• State Management
• API management & security
• (Automated)Deployment
• Versioning
• Upgrading
• DevOps

I developed a SharePoint Framework solution, what to do next and how to install it by code?

While SharePoint Framework being the upcoming trend in 2017 for the modern SharePoint landscape, SharePoint developers not only saw their tool belt being extended but there was also a shift becoming a modern developer. With modern development some new tools were introduced for the SharePoint developers, like Gulp, Yeoman, Npm,... Development is one thing, but deploying these solutions? That's another matter.

Uploading wsp files to SharePoint servers and deploying web applications for SharePoint Add-in's to Azure, are already known actions.
But with SharePoint Framework, code has to be deployed to a hosting service as an Azure CDN or a SharePoint CDN/Library and the app package has to be uploaded to the app catalog (like with SharePoint add-ins). Those are new things for the 'classic' SharePoint developers, as also installing solutions by the use the new Application Lifecyle Management API of SharePoint which makes it possible to deploy by code.

This session will provide an overview of the deployment options to Azure and SharePoint and will provide a demo intensive part by creating a deployment tool to install/uninstall/retract/upgrade your app on specific sites and on specific site collection catalogs.

This session has been given as a Biwug (Belgium SP community) evening session (10 april). And will be given on SPS NL (30 june) and SPS Dakar (14 july).

Yannick Borghmans

M365 Technical Lead