Yogesh Ojha

Information & Communications Technology

cyber security Automated Security penetration testing

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Yogesh Ojha

Research Engineer @ TRG

Yogesh Ojha is a Research Engineer @ TRG Research and Development, where his research focuses on building solutions for Crime and Terror.
As a Passionate Developer and a Hacker, Yogesh builds and maintains reNgine, an automated reconnaissance framework.
He has delivered talks on IoT Security and Car Hacking at several conferences like Black Hat Europe, HITB Cyber Week Abu Dhabi, Open Source Summit, IoT Innovatech LATM, GreHack, NoConName, KazHackStan, FOSS Asia Summit, etc. When not building or breaking technologies, he spends his time with his dog Jasper.

Past and future events

IoT Innovatech Digital 2020

7 Sep - 10 Sep 2020
Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, Chile