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Matheus Albuquerque

Matheus Albuquerque

Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End @ Medallia • Google Developer Expert • International Speaker

Prague, Czechia


Matheus is a Sr. Front-End Engineer at Medallia, building their surveys platform and helping them shape the customer experience market with React and a Google Developer Expert in Web Performance.

His areas of interest include React and its ecosystem, JS and compile-to-JS languages, DX, and perceived performance optimization. Aside from public speaking about these, he also volunteers at TechLabs, teaching front-end development.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Front-End Development

A Decade: React’s Rhapsody of Life

Join me in celebrating the decade-long journey of React—a framework that has revolutionized front-end development.

Despite all the initial skepticism around aspects like JSX, it became one of our favorite tools. We'll explore this and other "trouble in paradise” moments!

Looking ahead, we'll discuss ongoing efforts like the Activity component, optimistic state updates, and more advanced stuff, like the optimization compiler and the recent improvements to React Native's JS engine.

Let's embrace a decade of React and the endless possibilities it holds!

Speed at Scale: Optimizing The Largest CX Platform Out There

In a world with a wide variety of network connections, any user can have a slow experience, and apps that delight users on fast connections can be barely usable on slow ones.

In this session, I'll share my journey of gradually adapting how we deliver pages to better cater to our user's constraints on a platform with 15mi+ sessions per month—where simply rewriting everything from scratch is not an option.

With an eye on maintenance and scalability, we'll discuss legacy codebases, automation/code generation, polyfilling strategies, main thread offloading, and many other tips and tricks for large platforms targeting emerging markets.

It's 2024 and I Can Finally Talk About Atomic CSS

Libraries like Tailwind became quite popular and their utility-first—aka atomic classes—approach was an interesting paradigm shift in CSS. Many developers love it, and it's understandable why.

However, we tend to forget that the core of this technique isn't new. Way before Bootstrap, we all had our small CSS snippets copied from project to project with similar classes.

In this session, we'll discuss the evolution of scalable CSS, walk through the limitations and drawbacks of Atomic CSS, and also figure out where this concept can be beneficial.

Hydration, Islands, Streaming, Resumability… Oh My!

Our ecosystem can be overwhelming! First, we had the rise of SSR and SSG—and each had its own gigantic pile of frameworks and tools. Then partial hydration enabled us to hydrate only some of our components on the client, which we've seen in React Server Components.

But what about islands? Do they relate at all to Streaming SSR? Also, what is resumability, and why do I keep hearing about it? […] Oh, did anyone say rendering on the Edge?

Well… There are many approaches out there, and all of them argue that their philosophy is best. In this session, we’ll go over these architecture/rendering patterns, to help shed some light on how some are implemented and the concepts behind them.

Web Performance APIs That You (Probably) Never Knew Existed

Responsiveness to interaction is crucial for our apps, and you’ve likely heard about the fantastic tools we have to measure and optimize web performance. What many developers don't know is that there is a wide range of performance APIs native to the Web Platform itself.

In this talk, we’ll see how to leverage the power of some of them to reliably measure responsiveness and correctly identify culprits for bad experiences.

Porto Tech Hub Conference 2023 Sessionize Event

October 2023 Porto, Portugal

P99 CONF 2023 Sessionize Event

October 2023

UtahJS Conf 2023 Sessionize Event

September 2023 Sandy, Utah, United States

React Rally 2023 Sessionize Event

August 2023 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023 Sessionize Event

July 2023 Berlin, Germany

Build Stuff 2022 Lithuania Sessionize Event

November 2022 Vilnius, Lithuania

Frontmania 2022 Sessionize Event

October 2022 Utrecht, The Netherlands

NDC Oslo 2022 Sessionize Event

September 2022 Oslo, Norway

Dev Conf 2022

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September 2022 Łódź, Poland

DevConf 2022 Sessionize Event

September 2022 Łódź, Poland

React Summit 2022

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June 2022 Amsterdam-Zuidoost, The Netherlands

Matheus Albuquerque

Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End @ Medallia • Google Developer Expert • International Speaker

Prague, Czechia


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