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Martin Zikmund

Martin Zikmund

Enthusiastic mobile + cloud developer, Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP, open-source contributor

Prague, Czechia

Martin is a freelance software developer and Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP. He specializes in architecting and building cross-platform mobile and cloud solutions on the Microsoft technology stack. Martin loves contributing to open-source, as it is a tremendous source of learning. You can also meet him on Stack Overflow, where he frequently helps other developers. To document his developer journey, Martin regularly writes posts on his blog at In spare time he likes to do lead climbing/bouldering, play squash, game on Xbox, read, and search for geocaches.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Uno Platform
  • Xamarin
  • XAML
  • UWP
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Windows Development
  • WPF
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Client
  • ASP.NET Core
  • C#
  • csharp

Building Microsoft Teams apps in C# and XAML

Microsoft Teams are part of our daily lives. We use Teams to communicate and connect both in work and outside of it. What if we make the experience even better by developing new original apps that enhance your workflow? And what if we could write these apps using technologies we already know and love - C# and XAML? In this session we will use Uno Platform to build our first Microsoft Teams app!

Unexpected APIs of Uno Platform

Uno Platform is a cross-platform framework that brings your Windows apps to Android, iOS, macOS, WebAssembly and Linux with a single C# + XAML codebase. While Uno gives you a pixel perfect UI everywhere, it brings so much more to the table. In this session, I will show you some of the surprising APIs you can use everywhere, including device sensors and MIDI I/O!

Uno Platform: Your Apps Everywhere

Say goodbye to the complexities of cross-platform development! Imagine having the ability to write all your code in C# and XAML with unlimited styling and templating capabilities, and access device hardware and APIs with a single API. No more struggling with platform-specific code or searching for developers familiar with each target platform. Introducing the Uno Platform – your ultimate solution for creating C#/XAML apps on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and even the web!

Two years of open-source contributions

I have discovered Uno Platform a year ago and immediately fell in love with it. Uno makes building cross-platform apps in C# and XAML a breeze. After using it for a while I have realized some features I would like to use were not implemented yet. Because of that I started contributing and haven't stopped since. Two years and 280 merged pull requests later, I want to share the story about how much contributing to open-source helped grow my skills, widened my perspectives, and talk about the amazing experiences it brought into my life.

Building cross-platform apps with Uno Platform

Uno Platform is a unique framework, which allows .NET developers to create single codebase cross-platform applications that target all mobile and desktop devices and even the web. In this workshop we will introduce Uno Platform app development and build your first fully cross-platform app in C# and XAML.


Sleep. As geeks we often forgo the natural need for it to just figure out this one last bug, play a few more rounds of our favorite multiplayer game, or unwind with our favorite TV show. The cost, however, may be much more than just a slight tiredness throughout the following day. Let's journey through what sleep is, why it is vital to our life, and how reducing its length has dire consequences to you as well as everyone around you. Finally, we will also cover practical tips to help you get more zzzzzzzz!

Uno Platform 5.0: Cross-Platform App Development Done Right

Uno Platform has been continuously improving over the last year to make it the most effective platform for cross-platform development using .NET. In this session, we will explore how Uno Platform's new ecosystem of tools and extensions can help you streamline your development process and create high-performing, visually stunning apps that run on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, WebAssembly, and Tizen.

From Windows Phone to WebAssembly: The Story of Uno Platform

Uno Platform is an open-source solution for building truly cross-platform .NET apps running on desktop, mobile, web and even IoT. Even though it was open-sourced in 2018, it has a long history even before that - going back to the mobile platform we all miss - Windows Phone. Let's rewind the time a bit and tell the story of how we got where we are now.

Modern apps with Windows App SDK

Windows App development was in a turmoil in recent years, as several Windows app development frameworks came and went. However, now we finally have a promise of a framework that is here to stay. Let's tour what Windows App SDK brings to the table and how it can help us build new apps and modernize existing ones.

Do not disturb

Today's world is filled with notifications beeps, ads, multitasking and information overload. Our ancient brains were not built for this kind of operation though! Let's look on how the modern society is destroying our ability to truly focus, and how its harming everyone's performance. And then, let's try to find the cure!

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Martin Zikmund

Enthusiastic mobile + cloud developer, Microsoft Developer Technologies MVP, open-source contributor

Prague, Czechia