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Prathyusha(Prathy) Kamasani

Prathyusha(Prathy) Kamasani

Microsoft Data Platform MVP| Solution Architect @Avanade

London, United Kingdom


Prathy Kamasani, a Solution Architect at Avanade, specializes in Microsoft Fabric, Power BI, and Azure data solutions. With extensive experience in MSBI and the Power BI platform, she crafts custom, high-quality BI systems that empower organizations to make informed decisions.

Her approach is both design-centric and user-focused, ensuring that her BI solutions are not only functional but also visually appealing. Prathy collaborates with clients across diverse sectors, helping them harness the power of data.

Beyond her professional role, Prathy is an active member of the BI community. She shares her insights through her blog, prathy.com, where she delves into topics related to Microsoft Fabric, Power BI, and more. Her passion extends to community engagement, including participation in the London Fabric User Group and speaking at industry events like SQLBits, the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference, and Microsoft Business Applications Summit.

Prathy’s outstanding contributions to the BI field have earned her the prestigious Microsoft Data Platform MVP award, recognizing her impactful work.


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  • Data Visualization
  • Microsoft Fabric
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Data Platform

Power BI Report Design and Development workshop

This one-day collaborative workshop will cover the various Power BI design stages learned from years of consulting and working with some of the largest enterprises. The workshop, divided into five modules, enables you to bring your end user's data to life with Power BI.

1 The Basics of Data Visualization

In this first module, you will get an introduction to data visualization and discover why telling the right story to the right audience is so important.

2 Aligning people and data

This module will teach you how to conduct workshops and gather requirements from stakeholders and end users. Then you will learn techniques to explore data and identify meaningful patterns. In the hands-on workshops, we will use sample templates to ask the right questions and convert captured requirements to use cases. By the end of this section, you will be able to determine the 5W's and How (who, what, why, where, and how) to create an optimal Power BI model.

3 Drive use cases and data patterns to drive visualizations

In this section, you will learn concepts and techniques that will assist you in identifying the right visual based on data and use cases. You will understand the most used visual categories like Key Metrics, charts, Maps etc. and then learn how to use them in Power BI to create stand-out visuals.

4 How to find the right visuals

In this section, you will learn tips and techniques to identify the right visual for the right audience and their use cases. The section also includes an exercise to find the right visuals based on your previously identified use cases.

5 Putting the story together

In this module, we will tie it all together using my top 10 techniques to create a stunning Power BI report. We will cover everything, from a blank canvas to an actionable report, and ensure it is accessible to all users. We will end the day with a final workshop to create reports based on different audiences. A ready-to-use Power BI model, personas and use cases will be provided.

Creating apps like navigation in Power BI Reports

This session will teach you everything you need to know about Power BI navigation.

We will start with understanding the concept of navigation, why navigation is important. Then we will look at how to design apps like navigation in Power BI reports using Power BI functionalities Bookmarks, buttons, icons, images, and Actions to create.

My Top 10 Power BI Tips, Tricks and Resources

Want to learn some excellent Power BI Tips and Tricks to make your Power BI reports sleek? In this session, I will talk about some of my favourite Power BI Tips and tricks assembled working with different clients and open data projects. The session will include some simple tricks like visual settings to advanced functionalities like commentary.

An Introduction to Power BI Data Visualizations and Design Best Practices

As the value of data is being recognized across the world, the ability to communicate data to your audience effectively is becoming a sought-after skill for professionals. Thankfully, effective data visualization is not only a skill for artists and designers, but anyone can also improve their data presentation by choosing the right visuals and following best practices. In this session, we will discuss how diverse types of visuals are perceived and which charts are best suited to each category. We’ll cover a basic introduction to colour theory, how to use colour effectively in reports, and how to create Power BI themes for your enterprise. Finally, you will learn an introduction to the design approach and how it helps us to tell a good data story.

Power BI bookmarks in 20 minutes

In this 20 minute session, you will learn everything you need to know about bookmarks. We will start with creating your first bookmark to multiple bookmarks by understanding advanced settings that usually get overlooked. We will also look at how we can ease the design and Maintainance of bookmarks by using features like grouping, renaming, selection pane, and naming conventions. By the end of the session, you will learn to apply bookmarks like a pro!

Power BI data visualisations & Storytelling

Power BI data visualisation and storytelling precon is a one-day training providing attendees with an understanding of how to communicate data effectively using Power BI. The training aims to facilitate this by exploring psychology around how humans perceive data by looking into widely used UX principles and applying them to data visualisation best practices.

Next, we will explore how to communicate data visually by reviewing use cases, understanding requirements and converting requirements using proven approaches like BUS Matrix and Star Schemas to present the data optimally and beautifully to diverse business users like Analysts, stakeholders, and Execs. We will also review crucial concepts like Accessibility, colour theory, company branding, distribution and performance.

By the end of the session, attendees will get an understanding of the following:
• The science behind effective data visualisation
• Data patterns, use cases and requirements
• Data models and Storytelling driven by use cases
• Various types of reports, how to design reports based on User Personas
• Understanding of what visuals to use based on audience and categories of data
• How to create human-centric reports
• How to find inspiration for better visuals, better report layouts and better readability
• How to work with Accessibility, tools to utilise
• Power BI Templates and how to use existing corporate branding in Power BI Models and reuse it
• lots of references to websites and tools, along with Mural resources used in the session

An updated session to include a bit more about use cases and data modelling from use cases and accesibility

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March 2024 Farnborough, United Kingdom

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October 2023 Mechelen, Belgium

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October 2023 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Data Saturday Oslo 2023 Sessionize Event

September 2023 Oslo, Norway

Data Céilí 2023 Sessionize Event

June 2023 Dublin, Ireland

SQLBits 2023 - General Sessions Sessionize Event

March 2023 Newport, United Kingdom

Data Saturday Slovenia 2022 Sessionize Event

December 2022

Prathyusha(Prathy) Kamasani

Microsoft Data Platform MVP| Solution Architect @Avanade

London, United Kingdom


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