Karinne Bessette

Karinne Bessette

Technologist, PS @Veeam

Columbus, Ohio, United States

As a seasoned professional with a comprehensive background in network and security, I am deeply passionate about the world of technology and its continuous evolution. I thrive on mastering challenges and sharing wisdom. Proficient in Microsoft 365, Azure, and Veeam Software since 2017, my expertise shines through various certifications (see badges on my Credly profile: https://www.credly.com/users/rinbytes/badges).

I blend technical prowess with a love for imparting knowledge. Adept at engaging presentations, I've addressed diverse audiences. Eager to learn, I readily embrace new tasks, software, and skills.

Technologist | Veeam Software | 2017-Present
As a Technical Evangelist, I excel in Microsoft 365 and Backup Technologies. Through dynamic narratives, I convey complex ideas engagingly. At industry conferences, I gather insights, amplifying product feedback. Engaging with technical influencers bolsters my network. Skillful at managing relationships, I ensure seamless collaboration across departments.

Instructor | Knox County Career Center | 2021-Present
Empowering adult learners in IT, I've crafted hands-on curricula. I cover CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+), Microsoft (AZ-900), and Veeam (VMCE) certifications. I nurture adaptable tech stars.

Board of Education Member | 2020-Present
Contributing to tech education's future, I collaborate with pros on industry trends. Impactful insights refine IT programs at Knox Technical Center, shaping skilled professionals.

With an unswerving commitment to tech, learning, and fostering connections, I'm dedicated to driving meaningful outcomes.


  • Most Active Speaker 2022

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


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Beyond the Surface: Delving into the Subtle Signs and Underlying Causes of Toxic Workplaces

Toxic workplaces can silently erode employee well-being, productivity, and organizational success. This presentation aims to illuminate the subtle signs and underlying causes of toxic work environments from both my personal and learned experience. By examining the often-overlooked indicators of toxicity, such as poor communication, excessive competition, and subtle behavioral patterns, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the detrimental effects these environments can have on individuals and organizations. By exploring leadership styles, organizational factors, and workplace dynamics, this presentation uncovers the root causes of toxicity. Furthermore, the presentation explores the far-reaching impacts of toxic work environments on employee well-being, engagement, and overall productivity. This presentation equips participants with insights and actionable steps to create healthier work environments that foster positive outcomes for employees and organizations.

Toxic workplaces can silently erode employee well-being and productivity.

Practical AI: Everyday applications for IT life

In this session, we dive into the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology roles. As AI technology evolves, its applications permeate our daily tasks, offering unprecedented efficiency, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities. We will explore how tools like ChatGPT-4 are revolutionizing traditional IT roles, from automating routine tasks to enhancing complex problem-solving. Attend this session to gain insights into AI’s practical uses from programming assistance and data analysis to personal assistance and content generation. The session will highlight AI's role in creative processes within tasks, such as algorithmic design, user experience enhancements, and innovative solution development. Through real-world examples (like assisting in this session description) and interactive demonstrations, this presentation aims to showcase its potential to optimize, innovate, and streamline everyday operations. Whether you're an IT professional, a developer, or simply looking for help with everyday tasks, this session will equip you with an understanding of how to integrate AI into your daily practice, paving the way for smarter, more efficient work environments.

Inclusion in Action: Cultivating a Culture of Diversity in Tech

This session aims to empower IT professionals with essential strategies and insights for cultivating diversity and inclusivity within their teams. We begin by exploring the critical definitions of diversity, inclusion, and equity, emphasizing their importance in the tech industry. The current state of diversity in IT will be examined, highlighting prevalent trends and barriers. Participants will learn about the significant benefits diverse teams bring to innovation and productivity, as well as strategies to overcome common challenges and misconceptions, such as implicit bias in hiring and team dynamics.

Join to dive into practical approaches for building inclusive teams, including best practices in inclusive hiring, effective onboarding processes, and diversity training. The role of leadership in fostering an inclusive culture and the importance of employee resource groups and mentorship programs. Participants will engage in interactive learning through group discussions, allowing them to share experiences and best practices. This engaging session not only provides theoretical knowledge but also focuses on actionable steps and real-world applications, enabling participants to make meaningful changes in their workplaces.

Protect Microsoft 365 data with immutability and monitoring

In the last 12 months, 53% of surveyed organizations stated that they had experienced data loss or corruption in SaaS applications. Luckily, more organizations are adopting third-party backup solutions for Microsoft 365, but many are still vulnerable to data loss. 

Join this session from Veeam to learn everything you need to know about Microsoft 365 backup. We will not only show you how easy it is to start protecting your Microsoft 365 data for FREE, but you will also get a close look at how to make Microsoft 365 backup data immutable, leverage advanced monitoring capabilities, and provide self-service restore options to your users. 

Essential Microsoft 365 security features crash course

Security is top of mind for any business moving to the cloud and even more so for those who had to move out of necessity without a clear action plan. Knowing where to start and what is available can be half the battle. This session will cover some of the top concepts when it comes to securing and monitoring your Microsoft 365 environment, the best tools to start with, and which admin center you can find them in. Including but not limited to a look at the Microsoft Purview compliance portal and Microsoft 365 Defender admin center and the osmosis process that has happened since parting ways from what was formally known as the Security and Compliance center. The best part is that some of these are available in your subscription now at no extra charge!

Step into Azure Storage on secure footing

Get familiar with Azure Storage terminology. Set yourself up for success with the right tools, best practices, and mindset. This session will help those taking their first steps into Azure Storage learn how to use the built-in monitoring and reports to make their environment more secure. For those who have already deployed, this session will provide the latest look at the features available in Azure storage and showcase how to overcome some real-world headaches. In addition to touching on the finer points of security, this session will look at some of the management interfaces and life cycles of storage.

Microsoft 365 common user to guru

Microsoft 365 is a powerful collaborative platform with a web of interconnecting components for everyday work life. To some, the interconnections might be obvious and a part of our daily practice to get the most out of the application suite. But to some of us, the "intuitive" nature of the platform is more allusive. This session will look at the top applications used every day, such as Outlook, Teams, OneDrive for Business, and Kiosk Access, and how to go from just using the applications to using the platform.

Basic knowledge of using Microsoft 365 applications who want to make full use of the platform.

Administratively Customize Microsoft Teams to our Environment

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool and collaborative platform for interconnecting applications. These connections span beyond just Microsoft data connection points to 100s of other applications that your ecosystem might leverage. Making these applications easy to access, making data exchange efficient for your uses, and encouraging adoption. In this session, you will learn some of the helpful frontend platforms your users can leverage and how to modify the default configurations in Teams so that each department has its tools upfront. In this session, we will examine Microsoft Teams' structure and how you can change the front-end experience for users through the Microsoft Teams Admin center.

Learn how you can change the front-end Microsoft Teams experience for users through the Microsoft Teams Admin center.

How to Efficiently Navigate Microsoft Teams Meetings and Applications

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaborative platform with a web of interconnecting components for everyday work life. To some, the interconnections might be obvious and a part of our daily practice to get the most out of the application suite. But to some of us, the "intuitive" nature of the platform is more elusive. In this session, we will look at how to efficiently navigate Microsoft Teams to get the most out of meetings and daily communication.

In this session, we will look at how to efficiently navigate Microsoft Teams to get the most out of meetings and daily communication.

Planner and Power Platform: Boosting collaboration and visibility

With remote work and an excess of meetings to join every day, it can be hard to find time to sync every task you are working on with your entire team. This can lead to redundant tasks being performed and uneven distribution of work in a team. Finding the right solution to this problem can be time-consuming and fail adoption. The answer is to make it easy and accessible. In this session, we will take a deeper look at how to automate Microsoft Planner with Power Automate, view and modify reporting data with PowerBI, and make this easily accessible in Microsoft Teams.

In this session, we will take a deeper look at how to automate Microsoft Planner with Power Automate, view and modify reporting data with PowerBI, and make this easily accessible in Microsoft Teams.

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Karinne Bessette

Technologist, PS @Veeam

Columbus, Ohio, United States