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Kildare, Leinster, Ireland

Aidan Finn

Azure MVP, Innofactor Norway, Cloud Mechanix

Aidan Finn (@joe_elway), Azure MVP, is a Principal Consultant with Innofactor Norway working on Azure infrastructure projects and managed services. He is also the MD and trainer at Cloud Mechanix (, a company delivering custom-written Azure training in Europe.

Aidan writes about Azure and on-premises server technologies on his own site, and for

Current sessions

Digitally Transform (And Keep) Your On-Premises File Servers

Even with new cloud options, the on-premises file server continues to play an important role in small business, large business, and the branch office. However, this comes at a cost. Storage is always under pressure and never cheap, backups and disaster recovery require infrastructure, and offices in mid-large businesses need to collaborate. In this session, you will learn how Azure File Sync is an easy technology to introduce into to an existing infrastructure and will completely change how you view your file servers - without removing them! Join this session to learn what Azure File Sync is, how to architect it, and how to deploy it.

Use the cloud to change how you deploy file servers, back them up, enable disaster recovery, and inter-office synchronization.

Trust No-One Architecture For Services And Data

Security is always one of the top 3 fears of Cloud customers. In The Cloud, the customer is responsible for their network security design and operation. This session will walk you through the components of Azure network security, and how to architect a secure network for Azure virtual machines or platform services, including VNets, network security groups, routing tables, Private Link, VNet peering, web application gateway, DDoS protection, and firewall appliances.

See how Azure Firewall, network appliances, NSGs, and so on can be deployed to secure your network and assets in Azure.

Routing - The Virtual Cabling of Secure Azure Networking

Few people understand how important a role routing plays in a secure Azure network. And fewer still understand how routing works in Azure. In this session, I will explain the 3 types of routing and how they work - not just user-defined routes. I will share how you can take control of routing to control the flow of traffic through your firewalls. And you will also learn how to troubleshoot when things don't work as expected.

Azure Firewall in the Real World

Every network deployment in Microsoft Azure, except for the smallest, should have some form of firewall in addition to the free Network Security Groups. In this session, you'll learn about the features of Azure Firewall, how to use Azure Firewall in the real world, and how to best make the most of this platform-based, DevOps, focused security system - yes, there will be some ARM templates!

Internet access is required

An Introduction to Azure Virtual WAN

Azure Virtual WAN is Microsoft’s SD-WAN offering, enabling secure any-to-any transit connectivity between on-premises locations, roaming or at-home workers, and Azure deployments. Replacing the traditional virtual network “hub”, this platform-based approach to networking simplifies the core of your Azure network, makes long-distance connections faster, enables rapid fan out of locations, and reduces maintenance effort, not to mention integrates with some interesting third-party security solutions. Join me in this session to learn about the benefits of Virtual WAN before you lock yourself into a more restricted and less reliable alternative.

This is a level 200 session covering Azure network architecture. You do not need to be a networking expert to understand the content.

Azure ExpressRoute - Can Someone Please Explain It?!?!

Have you been told that Azure ExpressRoute could be could for your organisation? Have you then browsed Microsoft's documentation or watched videos and felt like you had more questions than answers? You are not alone! In this session, I will introduce you to Azure ExpressRoute, explain the terminology, and walk you through the confusing array of tiers, performance options, features, and connectivity choices.

This is a level 200-300 session. You do not need to be a networking guru to understand the content delivered in this session.