Amanda Sterner ✨

Amanda Sterner ✨

Microsoft MVP ✨ | Technical Architect at Knowledge Factory Advania 💜

Stockholm, Sweden

My favourite feeling in my job is when I can see on a person that they've actually understood how a new way of working can benefit them. During the last decade I have been working with the modern workplace and the last years with a focus on Microsoft Teams and how it can make the daily work life easier. I want to help you start loving Microsoft Teams the same way I do!


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams

Modern Teamwork with Teams as a Platform - why and how with real life demos

Do you think having meetings and chatting in Microsoft Teams equals modern teamwork? How about taking things to the next level? In this session we'll take a look at Teams as a Platform and help you start thinking about how you can utilize the Power of Teams to develop your modern teamwork even further!

You'lle meet Karoliina "Queen of Teams adoption" Kettukari and Amanda "Try everything at least once" Sterner in this interactive session full of demos, use cases, knowledge and fun.

We'll go through some real life examples of how you and your colleagues can work smarter, not harder - with the help of Teams. We will touch technologies such as Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Power Apps, Lists, Planner and Teams applications. Yes, all of this in just one session.

In the center of it all is still the concept of modern teamwork and human collaboration: how are we able to help our employees to do their jobs easier, faster and better?

The best part? You can start building your own solutions based on the demos right after the session.

Session takeaways:
- Concrete examples of modern teamwork with Teams as a Platform
- Easy starting points for your journey to work smarter
- Girl power!

Teaming up with Microsoft Teams - your guide to next-level collaboration

We all have these daily bits of frustration at work. My colleague has no access to this list! How can I involve everyone in our planning workshop? Where is that file someone shared in our team meeting? These feelings multiply when the context is collaboration and communication with your team.

What if technology could help your team to work at its best? What does a modern, digital workday look like?

In this demo-heavy session, you will meet Karoliina “Use tech for good” Kettukari and Amanda “Try everything at least once” Sterner with a concrete example of a top-notch collaboration team in Teams! We will show you how to innovate with your team in Teams, how to keep everyone on track with tasks, what are the best practices for team meetings - and while doing all of that, how to create an excellent employee experience.

The focus is on how Microsoft Teams is the ultimate hub for teamwork - and the place for getting things done. You'll be amazed at how seamlessly different applications in Microsoft 365 work together. After this session, you can open your own Teams and take your teams to the next level of collaboration!

Session takeaways:
• Example of modern teamwork with Microsoft Teams
• How useful applications in Teams, Viva and Power Platform work seamlessly together
• Tips on how you can use technology to improve team spirit

Epic tips and tricks battle

Join this epic fight among champions for the absolute best tips and tricks in Microsoft Teams 🥇🥈🥉

Let’s create a no-code chat bot to use in Microsoft Teams

Have you heard about the citizen developer and the no-code way of getting things done? A dream come true to be able to create things that will ease your day to day work – right? We have Power Apps and Power Automate, and now we also have Power Virtual Agents – a tool that makes it super easy to create chat bots without code. In this session I will show you how to create a chat bot in Power Virtual Agents, how to make the bot do some smart stuff and how you can add it to Microsoft Teams.

Teams Day Online 2

September 2020

Amanda Sterner ✨

Microsoft MVP ✨ | Technical Architect at Knowledge Factory Advania 💜

Stockholm, Sweden