Amber Vick

Amber Vick

Digital Solutions Consultant at Arcadis

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Amber is a Digital Solutions Consultant, PMI Certified Citizen Developer Practitioner, and recognized Power Platform Champion at Arcadis, US., Inc. She approaches every opportunity as a chance to lead by innovation, support digital transformation, and use data as an asset for insight and action. Amber enjoys connecting with clients to envision an even better “big picture.”

Outside of work, Amber spends her free time binging trash podcasts, hanging with her German Shepherd, and sipping Kentucky Mules.

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management


  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI Report Builder
  • Client management
  • Onboarding and Adoption
  • User Adoption
  • SharePoint
  • Teams Platform
  • Microsof Teams
  • power bi

Effecting Change at the Enterprise Level with Exceptionally Low-Code Sustainable Solutions

The digital transformation wave has touched many organizations across a multitude of industries, but for those that are yet to take the leap, speedbumps such as fragmented data, lack of traceability, or even unusable data are unfortunately still a part of “business as usual.” This session shares an overview of the ground-breaking digital transformation for a major client in Miami government. We are going to cover the integration of sustainable digital solutions utilizing Microsoft Power Platform tools to overcome these hurtles, while also highlighting lessons learned to support low-code/no-code citizen developers in effecting change at an enterprise level.

Over an 18-month period, three key Power Platform solutions were successfully launched, fully revolutionizing the way the client captured, analyzed, and projected program data points. Strategic development, deployment, adoption, and support of these low-code upgrades granted the client the ability to coalesce each piece of this disjointed data into a complete puzzle for identifying the health of their portfolio and using data for informed and timely decision making.

The solution delivered to the client encompasses the full potential of the Power Platform. Data is collected in a series of Power Apps embedded in Power BI reports, saved back to a SharePoint site, while automated reporting and paginated reports from this SharePoint are regularly shared with designated stakeholders. The groundwork of this solution was designed with scalability in mind, and this approach has set the client up for success in the continuation of their digital journey.

This presentation is going to be punctuated with real-life deep dives into the technical and non-technical development processes. We are going to share some insights and key takeaways from this successful initiative, valuable for both developers and end users working to upgrade data management processes at the organizational level.

Construction Engineering Inspection App driven by PowerApps for on-site daily inspections

The Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) process is critical in ensuring the quality of construction projects. However, many organizations struggle to find an efficient and customizable solution that meets their unique requirements. Off-the-shelf solutions offered by industry leaders such as AutoDesk and Bentley may not provide the flexibility and tailored experience that some organizations need.

To address this issue, we have developed a CEI app powered by PowerApps and Power Automate. This solution offers a highly customizable and scalable solution for managing CEI processes. The app provides an intuitive user interface that streamlines the inspection process and reduces manual data entry. Users can easily create, edit, and track inspection reports on the go using their mobile devices.

The CEI app is fully integrated with Power Automate, which allows for automation of repetitive tasks, such as sending notifications and reminders to team members. With Power Automate, users can also create custom workflows that automate their specific inspection process. For example, if a non-conformance issue is identified during an inspection, the app can automatically trigger a notification to the responsible team member, initiate a corrective action, and update the relevant stakeholders.

Our CEI app provides a cost-effective and tailored alternative to off-the-shelf solutions. By leveraging the power of PowerApps and Power Automate, our solution provides a highly customizable, scalable, and streamlined approach to CEI management.

Amber Vick

Digital Solutions Consultant at Arcadis

Atlanta, Georgia, United States