Alice Brosey

Alice Brosey

Hitachi Solutions America

Lenoir City, Tennessee, United States


I am a Senior Developer at Hitachi Solutions and a freelance developer for my company The Bunny Network. I'm a wife, and mother of an amazing 10 year old. A third generation printer on both sides of my family, I have ink in my veins and a love of the printed word. I'm also into genealogy, historical preservation, and bicycling.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Humanities & Social Sciences


  • React
  • CSS
  • Electron
  • React Native
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Genealogy
  • History
  • Disability
  • Accessibility
  • Git

Learning a New Language: Hands-free Coding with Caster or Talon

Ever been paralyzed by fear, about what would happen with an injury that left you unable to type for an extended time? Join me in a deep dive of hands-free coding techniques, including Caster and Talon. Learning how to code hands free doesn't have to be restricted to disability (temporary or permanent) -- it can be convenient even for speeding up processes while still coding partially by hand.

How to Make Git Your Best Friend

Most developers use Git for source control, but how many really understand how to make it work best for you? How to recover from common Git scenarios, without making a mess out of your repository, branch, or code? Tips and tricks everyone should know to help Git be one of your favorite tools, instead of simply the tool you have to use for submitting your work. Git is here to be YOUR best friend.

A Newcomer's Introduction to Dynamics 365, Dataverse, and Microsoft Power Platform

Most developers in any way adjacent to Microsoft products have seen parts of Power Platform, or heard of Dynamics 365 or Dataverse, but the reuse of terminology and renaming of different components means many developers aren't aware of the breadth of ability and use cases with these products. From someone who took a job in a Dynamics 365 consulting firm without experience in these products, this is the crash course I wish I had received, to understand which pieces are designed for which purposes, and what kind of real use cases apply to different pieces of this ecosystem. This touches on the entirety of Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Dataverse.

Soft Launch: Lessons learned bootstrapping a SaaS software company

Story Time! After working with both startups and enterprise companies, the story of how we created a SaaS product, decided where minimum viable product was, and all the pitfalls and decisions we had to make along the way. Interested in launching your own side project as a SaaS company? Learn from our successes and failures along the way.

Fake it 'til you make it: A many faceted journey through impostor syndrome

For women? Minorities? The under-educated? The over-educated? The too-experienced? The not-experienced-enough? Almost everyone in tech has felt the downward spiral of impostor syndrome at some point. This talk is a dive into how common impostor syndrome is and provides several tools for rebuilding your confidence in the skills you have, and rebuilding the confidence of others in you.

Developer Tools in Chrome for Modern Web Development

With so many developers launching into deep Javascript Front End Frameworks like React or Angular from a background of IDE development, many developers are not fully leveraging browser tooling to debug and understand everything in their code. This fully-demo presentation will include a deep look at all the built in tools in Chrome, current to date of the presentation, as well as some of the more important and popular browser extensions for front end development, and popular IDE connection.

Soft Skills: The most important skills your team needs

Companies seem to increasingly hide behind "culture". Company culture is really a way of saying which soft skills are valued. However, the most successful teams need certain soft skills - and those skills are even more important than the technical skills. These skills are frequently what defines your company culture, but can get lost with growth or team reorganization. Building these skills builds a stronger team, which delivers back to a stronger culture and company.

Taking React Full Circle: Porting to React Native and Electron

One of the beauties of React is that React Native is so similar, and builds such beautiful mobile apps -- one one of the beauties of modern desktop development is Electron apps. In this presentation we will demo a simple image editing web app and port it to both React Native and Electron in order to run the same app on desktop and on mobile, outside of the browser.

CSS in a component-based world

React has caught a lot of criticism for the full mixing of HTML and JS, but it is a large portion of the rising tide of the JS landscape today - and many more websites are componentizing all the parts of the front end. Why are we leaving our CSS behind in giant stylesheets? CSS deserves the improved scope and modular building that we incorporate into today's HTML and JS. The goal of this talk is to approach the pros and cons of several different styles of handling CSS in a modular way, and reveal myths about performance that hold many back. While focused on React examples, the core takeaways about modular CSS are not dependent on React, and apply to most component-based UI.

Alice Brosey

Hitachi Solutions America

Lenoir City, Tennessee, United States


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