Ana Beatriz Neri

Ana Beatriz Neri

Senior Software Engineer

Engenheira de Software Senior

São Paulo, Brazil


Ana Neri is a Senior Software Engineer specializing in live streaming and large-scale user flow on one of the major finance education platforms. She utilizes NestJS, Typescript, NodeJS, and Serverless in her work. Ana has been recognized as a Women Tech Makers Ambassador by Google, leads the NodeBR community, and volunteers at Womakerscode. She creates technical content on her social media channels and showcases her skills as a heavy metal bassist and gym rat.

Ana Neri é uma Engenheira de Software Sênior que atua com live streaming e fluxo de larga escala de usuários numa das maiores plataformas de ensino de finanças, utiliza NestJS, Typescript, NodeJS e Serverless.
Foi nomeada como Women Tech Makers Ambassador pela Google, lidera a comunidade NodeBR e é voluntária na Womakerscode.
Nas suas redes cria conteúdo técnico, uma baixista de heavy metal e gym rat.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • Backend Developer
  • Architecture
  • NodeJS
  • serverless
  • AWS Serverless
  • Serverless
  • Kubernetes

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Ana Beatriz Neri

Senior Software Engineer

São Paulo, Brazil


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