Antonieta Ponce de Leão

Antonieta Ponce de Leão

eDreams Odigeo, Enterprise Agile Coach

Porto, Portugal

Antonieta is an Enterprise Agile Coach at eDreams Odigeo and leads the Enterprise ACs team at eDO.

Her work is towards building strong leaders and cohesive leadership, focused on people and agile interactions on the path to Business Agility.

She is passionate about people growth, organizational culture, traveling and new experiences.

Area of Expertise

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Consumer Goods & Services


  • Agile Lean
  • Agile People
  • People & Culture
  • Agile and Culture
  • Organizational Growth and Transformation
  • organisational culture
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Agile Leadership

Conciliation - Worklife balance

As humans we are all different, but we all have struggles, one of the recent struggles we have recently with remote working, is to find a balance between work and life.

This talk aims to share some tips on how to handle this struggle, particularly after a situation of extended absence, like a sabbatical.

Luxury fashion’s lean portfolio management - a flight level 2 artefact

How a flight level two product connects development teams to shareholders and shareholders of an NYSE company.

Sharing tips on portfolio management at Farfetch, focusing on the visualisation of work, from the big initiatives down to the little product increments, without losing sight of the big picture and the strategic value.

From the first steps of tracking portfolio to constant product evolution and gathering feedback from early adopters, to supporting phased adoption in all the areas of FTECH (Farfetch's Product development).

Festival Agile Trends Sessionize Event

October 2022

Agile Trends 2022 Sessionize Event

April 2022 São Paulo, Brazil

Antonieta Ponce de Leão

eDreams Odigeo, Enterprise Agile Coach

Porto, Portugal

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