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Information & Communications Technology

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Barry Tarlton

MacGyver like Problem Solver and Tech Teacher!

Barry is passionate about learning, problem solving, and teaching. He believes that software developers are problem solvers at heart and the languages and platforms we work with are simply the tools in our utility belts. Barry can often be found trying to inspire and educate others both inside and outside of work. Whether he's MacGyver'ing IOT solutions together or leading a hackathon team, he loves innovating and constantly trying new things.

Current sessions

The Pi, Python, & Paintball? Innovating with Affordable Tech!

What do you get when you mix a handful of RaspberryPi's, Python, Paintball, and a little innovation? Come to this talk and find out! We'll take a look at a RaspberryPi project that was created to aid a nonprofit as a case study of the amazing opportunities that exist for anyone with the passion to innovate. This project used affordable maker tech to build a distributed game management system with text to voice capabilities, synchronized countdown timers, remote picture taking, and much more. All in portable boxes that hang in trees. We'll talk about the hardware, the software, and most of all the learning required and information available in this amazing age of innovation! We'll cover topics like communicating across distributed IOT devices, event based programming, building a network in nature, scripting pi builds with ansible, and a developers intrepid journey into electronics.

The MacGyver Mindset For Mastering Problem Solving

A humorous look at how to become more than an average geek and how to be a MacGyver in your field. As tools and technologies constantly change around us, what are the qualities that will make you excel? Come discover the attitude, skills, and mindset required to become an expert problem solver and uber developer. Join us for this entertaining and informative talk to better hone your problem solving skills that will allow you tackle the technical challenges we face day to day.

Saving the World with the Raspberry PI

The timer is ticking down, you have some wires, some buttons, a raspberry pi, and your developer mojo. Can you create a device to defuse the bomb in time! Come to this workshop and we will ensure you can. Ok, so there's not a real bomb (but a simulated one) that is made from a RaspberryPi and the deactivation code has to submitted properly to shut it down. The only way to deactivate it is by creating your own decryption device with a raspberryPi, some buttons, and python code. You wire the buttons into the PI, write the code to take inputs, and learn how to send those inputs and information over MQTT to the device to defuse it.

In this session, you will get hands on with the PI and understand how to interact with the GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins through Python. You will also learn how to take input through buttons as well as how to send events and messages via MQTT. We will work with Mosquitto as an MQTT server and see how to install & configure it on the PI and then use the Paho MQTT libraries in Python to send and receive messages in MQTT Topics. Prior knowledge of Python is useful, but not required. Feeling comfortable with coding is required(that's your developer mojo). No prior experience with a PI is necessary.

Exploding Birthday Cakes and The AWESOME Art of Learning

Think school is boring? Ever sit in class and think, "I'll never use this"? Well, you may be right, but what stops you from learning the things you are interested in and you WILL use right now? Want to learn how to be a rock star? Want to build interactive targets for your nerf wars? Maybe you want learn how to get stronger/faster and become the MVP on your sports team next year? Or perhaps you simply want to learn how to walk on your hands? This session will provide you lessons in all of these, but more importantly you will discover the joys of learning new things! You will hear from a 15 year old that went from playing video games all the time to one of the fittest teenagers in Ohio in only a year. Hear from a 17 year old that is a self taught musician, song writer, and baker. And hear from a Mad Scientist that has created many Arduino and RaspberryPI projects least of which is an interactive cake that EXPLODES! This interactive session will introduce you to the long lost art of learning so that you may begin your own awesome learning adventure. You will learn to shrug off the low expectations put on teenagers and leave this session energized and empowered to learn and create amazing things!

How Exploding Birthday Cakes and Other CRAZY Projects Come to Life

Have an amazingly crazy idea for an Arduino or RaspberryPi project, but can't find a tutorial to help bring it to life? Do even the Googles seem unable to help you get started on the road less traveled? This session will prepare you to go beyond the average maker tutorials found online and help you realize your full and unique potential with Arduino and RaspberryPi projects. Whether you want to be a huge hit at your kids next birthday party by creating an interactive cake, you want to remotely move scenery around for the High School Musical, or maybe you want to bring your favorite video games to life, this talk will examine what's involved when you want to move beyond the obligatory "blink" tutorial and put your own bizarre spin on problem solving. You will learn how to pick the best platform for your project, powerful programming techniques, how to approach the design process, and much more. This session will educate, motivate, and blow up cake with mad science technology and creative mojo!