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Bart Lannoeye

Bart Lannoeye

Microsoft MVP Azure - Head of Engineering

Gent, Belgium


Consultant during the day, hobbyist at night.

Bart is technical architect focusing on the Microsoft technology stack, covering anything between cloud and backend services to Windows and mobile, with a strong focus on developer security and productivity. As Head of Engineering he's eager to coach and share knowledge with both his own teams and the community.

Bart keeps a personal blog at on which he describes his discoveries and findings on the problems he encounters during his daily tasks. He's been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for 8 consecutive years.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • cloud governance
  • Azure
  • Azure Serverless
  • Cloud Architecture

Secure Cloud Development in Azure: Don't Cut Corners

Authentication and authorization are well-known concepts among developers, but secure cloud development goes beyond these basics. In this session, we will delve into the fundamental principles of cloud security, focusing on building applications in an Azure environment.

Using practical examples, we will explore common vulnerabilities and threats, and provide practical guidance on how to effectively mitigate these risks. We will address the misconception that secure development is difficult and time-consuming, showcasing how to implement secure practices for commonly used Azure services.

Furthermore, we will go beyond the technical aspects of secure cloud development and touch upon the importance of SecOps in the cloud. By the end of this session, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of best practices for secure cloud development in Azure, be equipped with practical techniques to deal with threats, and have a broader perspective on integrating SecOps into your cloud development projects.

Access Management in B2B vs. B2C SaaS: Similarities, Differences, and Best Practices

Building secure and trustworthy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions requires careful management of user identity and access. Not all SaaS products are the same, as some solutions target a Business-to-Business (B2B) audience and others are built for Business-to-Consumer (B2C).
This talk provides a comparative exploration of user identity and access security measures in B2B and B2C SaaS solutions, shedding light on their similarities, differences, and best practices. Gain insights into managing user identities, securing access to APIs and data, and how to link everything together in your Azure solution.

Developer productivity shouldn’t breach security

One of the most important things to keep developers happy is being able to do their job without too many obstacles. Give them a powerful machine, admin rights everywhere and internet connectivity and they'll complete any task thrown at them. Sadly this is not how a CISO looks at a secure enterprise.

In this session we'll cover how to tackle secure cloud development in Azure from the first letter of code until deployment and support, so you can keep your desired developer productivity while keeping the security team out of your hair. At first you'll tremble because of all the security limitations we'll put in place, but we'll bring a solution for every single one.
Target audience are cloud developers, architects but also ops that want to help their dev teams to work in a more secure enterprise environment.

Securing your frontend and APIs with Azure Entra ID

Many of us have created user or role management as part of their software in the past. While you're still possible to do so, there are better options available to ensure delivering secure software.
In this session we'll show how to protect your applications and APIs with OpenID Connect and Azure Entra ID and explain which authentication flows to use. Need to limit access based on groups, roles or define which frontend functionality can access an API? Not sure whether to use B2B or B2C and what the impact is? We got you covered!

Let's build a modern API for your frontend

What does a backend developer need to know for setting up a modern, high quality API on Azure for your frontend apps.

Let's break it down in different parts and after each part, incorporate the usage into our mobile application.

We will touch upon following elements:
- Azure PaaS vs Serverless.
- Bringing your API to enterprise standards, including: Route prefixes (representing domains), API versioning, OpenApi, Logging, Caching, integrated validation and many more.
- Consuming your modern API in a mobile application while paying attention to good practices.

During this workshop, we'll use the latest available bits in Azure, .NET APIs and Xamarin while also looking forward to .NET 6 and MAUI to prepare you for what's coming.

Grow into your role of Software Architect

Learning the required skillset to become a great software architect can be a challenging process. Join Bart on the journey from fresh out of school to established software architect. We'll touch the multiple types of architects and common career paths. But the focus of the talk is on real life experience, challenges and hints assisting anyone who hasn't been following the ideal highway, or as we call it: a regular career with switchback roads.
Target audience is anyone in IT looking to move their career forward, no matter taking the technical or more analytical approach.

Crafting my own SaaS: Decisions Unveiled

Dive deep into the decision-making behind building a new Software as a Service (SaaS) application. This session explores strategic choices, from initial viability research, over SaaS model selection to technology stack and architectural decisions.
Discover the user-centric design principles, data management strategies, security and compliance considerations that shaped the platform. Gain insights, learn from challenges, and leave with a holistic understanding to inform your own (SaaS) software journey.

I followed the Microsoft docs, so my app is secure right?

Exploring the vast size of Microsoft Learn proves invaluable for developers, but can also be a challenge. It covers everything from initial steps to get started until best practices.
In this session, we'll focus on building and deploying a secure API starting from Microsoft Learn. How far do we get with our initial search, at which point do we have to take a step back and challenge our solution or is it just trying to find a needle in a hay stack?

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April 2017 Gent, Belgium

Bart Lannoeye

Microsoft MVP Azure - Head of Engineering

Gent, Belgium


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