Ben den Blanken

Ben den Blanken

Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Independent Power Platform Consultant

Huizen, The Netherlands

Enabling employees to engage with their customers using technology is what I do. I’ve learned that creating teams with the same goal and empowering them is the biggest factor for success.

That for me is the basis of why I am falling for the Power Platform. It enables business teams to contribute to their own success. They can (co-) create apps, automate their processes and create their own insights. I love to engage with end-users and fulfill their wishes while I’m sitting right next to them.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform
  • Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Dataverse
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Apps

Build a HR Chatbot with Power Virtual Agents Copilot!

When you call in sick, do you like to call your HR department? And if you want to know your vacation balance, would you like to switch to that HR app of which you always forget the url?
And as the Human Resource Department, do you like answering all those small questions?
How about we try to facilitate both parties by building a chatbot instead?

In this session I will show you a lot of new features of the new authoring experience for Power Virtual Agents including Copilot. With Copilot you can generate topics saving you a lot of time. The new PVA authoring experience combines the no-code functionality of Classic PVA with the pro-code extensibility of Bot Framework Composer.
I will show you this new functionality with the following examples:
• Get your vacation days with rich media as a response. Use Power FX to transform data.
• Create a "Call in sick topic" and automatically send an adaptive card to your manager when you call in sick.
• How to "escalate" an unanswered question to a private HR channel for HRD to follow up on. No question should be left behind!

Target Audience: Level 300
Session duration: 45-60 mins

Model-Driven Power Apps Showcase: Power Happening!

Power Happening is your help in getting your Power Platform event organized. This Model-Driven Power App is a showcase app build by us. It is published on the Adoption Site of Microsoft for everyone to download and explore It shows all the latest and greatest capabilities including:

• A relational data model for organizing your event, the start of your Model-Driven App.
• Custom page with the Creator Kit for creating your event schedule.
• Drag and Drop interface to create your session

We will walk you through the entire Model-Driven Power App, including our process of building it! From ideation to design. From data modelling to delivering features. From all the coffee consumed to the pizza sessions. We will share it all!

This is a session about the showcase app which is released on the PnP community GitHub / Microsoft Adoption.
It shows the power of Model-Driven Power Apps in a real-world scenario

Back in Business...Process Flow

In complex business processes you want to streamline work going through different stages, departments and people. In this demo heavy session I will show you some production tested solutions to help you guide users through their work!

In my experience it is absolutely vital for professionals to be able to get some focus time. Asynchronous work might be a good idea to introduce to your teams and processes. A way to keep track of work is to use Business Process Flows. Sure they might not be the fanciest tool inside the Power Platform toolbox. But we can combine them with a lot of new features the platform offers and create a helpful tool in tracking our process. Together with a task based way of working you can keep your users in the flow of their work.

I will tell and, probably more important, show you about the options I have used in real world processes including:
• Set up a Business Process Flow and only allow transfer to the next stage if specific fields have been set.
• Ask for manager approval using an Approval Flow and automatically proceed to the next stage once a response has been entered.
• Create a task for a colleague, post it as an Adaptive Card to Teams and be notified when the task has been completed using the new in-app notification feature.
• Help the user currently working the case in deciding what the next best step is using the Custom Page functionality.
Let me empower you to create the best solution to support your business process!

Target audience: Level 300
Session duration: 45-60 minutes

Ben den Blanken

Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Independent Power Platform Consultant

Huizen, The Netherlands

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