Lachlan Young

Lachlan Young

Full Stack Software Developer - Tanda

Brisbane, Australia

When I'm not taking long walks on the beach or pursuing some ridiculous side project with the excuse of 'learning a new skillset, you'll find me 9-5 overselling my skills and thriving under the pressure at Tanda. I'm a self taught programmer who has a degree in game development and included in my skillset is the ability to not take myself to seriously. I got my start creating a White Label API for a company called Fabric and programming quickly became my full time hobby.

For the last two years I have been fortunate enough to find myself on a multitude of different projects including computational pointcloud calculations with C++, web development with Polymer, Full Stack React development a GraphQL React native app and finally putting it all together I work with React, NodeJs, Ruby, GraphQL and more.

The saying goes "find something you love and do it on the weekends". I found that out after I found full time employment and I am the living embodiment that one size does not fit all.

I'm at a stage in my 'journey' if you will, where I am looking to give back whilst the beginning is still fresh. If I can help you with that at all, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Consumer Goods & Services


  • Developers life
  • Career development
  • Develoment

Minor to Major Catastrophe | Jumping versions to avoid future heartache

No matter how skilled your team is, there are always oversights when developing. The most serious of which can usually be found in your package.json file or similar. With version numbers everywhere, it is not uncommon for a minor version to jump a few steps ahead and implode the expected functionality of your organized system. Fortunately, as developers, we expect this and allocate reasonable amounts of time to either fix or get ahead of, these potential bugs before they rear their ugly heads.

Getting ahead of the React-Native 60+ upgrade was exactly what we did at [company] a few months ago. After taking the app as close as we could to 60, we finished on version 0.59.9; leaving us with the challenge to make the jump. At first glance, we were just jumping a minor, yet in every practical sense we were tackling not one, but two 'major' jumps all the way up to 0.61.4, which brought serious changes to our module linking and more.

Over the course of this journey, we moved through stack overflow, discord channels, and OS Repos, leaving behind a wake of open issues and open PRs all the way from RNCommunity-CLI to Microsoft/react-native-code-push. We broke absolutely everything, dealt with thousands of flow errors on the daily, and eventually emerged with six glorious green builds; local, device and CI/CD for both Android and IOS.

Join me as I take you back to the chaos that was the RN Upgrade, and how to deal with all the unexpected changes that will get thrown your way should you find yourself needing to jump majors in the near future.

Your degree is 10% of your value. How to capture the other 90

If you’ve risen through the millennial ranks of myspace, msn, tumblr and on, you’ll have more inspirational quotes in your repertoire than you know what to do with. Let me add one more “Stay off the couch”.

As more and more graduates are entering our tech ecosystem the competition for jobs is hitting an all time high and the list of small and simple steps are often overlooked in favour of good grades and uni projects. Whilst a solid uni work history is not to be overlooked join me as I walk you through the old and the new ways of securing employment in this ever evolving age of tech.

I’m not a recruiter, I’m a full time dev with a vast network of like minded strong willed colleagues all with the solid opinion that in order to achieve fulfillment in your development career you need to harness in some way your untapped 90%.

Lachlan Young

Full Stack Software Developer - Tanda

Brisbane, Australia