Your degree is 10% of your value. How to capture the other 90

If you’ve risen through the millennial ranks of myspace, msn, tumblr and on, you’ll have more inspirational quotes in your repertoire than you know what to do with. Let me add one more “Stay off the couch”.

As more and more graduates are entering our tech ecosystem the competition for jobs is hitting an all time high and the list of small and simple steps are often overlooked in favour of good grades and uni projects. Whilst a solid uni work history is not to be overlooked join me as I walk you through the old and the new ways of securing employment in this ever evolving age of tech.

I’m not a recruiter, I’m a full time dev with a vast network of like minded strong willed colleagues all with the solid opinion that in order to achieve fulfillment in your development career you need to harness in some way your untapped 90%.

Lachlan Young

Full Stack Software Developer - Tanda

Brisbane, Australia

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