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Madrid, Spain

Chema Garcia

Head of Agile Transformation at Santander Corporate & Investment Banking

Chema Garcia works with Santander Corporate & Investment Banking in the IT transformation leveraging his deep experience in Agile, product and digital transformations such as the ones he also led in BBVA Spain and Argentina. Chema stands out as an expert in defining transformation strategies in large, global and multi-country companies. Additionally, he has trained and coached hundreds of people in Agile from development teams to C-suite and corporate members. He holds the SCP, SA from SAFe, SPS Scrum Org, CSM Scrum alliance certifications. He earned a PhD in Supercomputing and Parallel Algorithms, a MSc in Engineer in Advanced Computer techniques and a BSc in Business Management.

Current sessions

How close are we to Enterprise agility?

Modeling enterprise agility transformation could help us to understand when and where to focus on our activities and efforts to ensure a successful journey.
During these 15 minutes, we invite to hear about our experience along the path that we have designed and continue evolving to help our organization to transform into an organization that embodies fast reaction, customer focus, valued oriented and empowered team principles
Learn about this journey which has 6 steps, with three different 3 big stages:
- From project to product
- From product to value stream
- From value stream to lean organization

Guía definitiva para medir el impacto de la transformación

Uno de los retos más importantes al que nos enfrentamos los agentes del cambio en las organizaciones a la hora de justificar la inversión para realizar nuestra transformación, es la de poder, no solo dar buenos argumentos, necesitamos ofrecer un mecanismo claro que permita visualizar que vamos en el buen camino. Os presento mi enfoque definitivo tras más de una década utilizando diversas estrategias para tratar de dar respuesta a esto sin que parezca "bullshit" a ojos del consejo.