Darrell Webster

Darrell Webster

Modern Workplace Mentor, Change Consultant, Content Creator, Community Conduit.

Auckland, New Zealand


Hi, I'm Darrell as a Service, at your service. I am an independent consultant, helping organizations make the most of Microsoft 365. I blog and create videos and courses at Modern Work Mentor. I'm also co-host The 365 Message Center Show with Daniel Glenn, to help prepare organisations for changes coming on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

I like to help people tell their stories about work, life and the balance in between. I have a keen interest in mobile videography and live streaming.
In recognition of my contributions to the Microsoft 365 community, I have received a Microsoft MVP award since 2013.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Change Management
  • User Adoption
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Business Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Community Management

OneNote or Loop? How to pick the right Microsoft app for Your productivity needs

Microsoft has two note-taking apps that seem to overlap: OneNote, the classic digital notebook, and Loop, the new app that lets you create and share notes within Microsoft 365. How do you decide which one to use for different purposes? What are the advantages and drawbacks of each app? How do they fit into Microsoft’s vision for the future of note-taking?

In this session, you will learn how to compare and contrast OneNote and Loop based on their features and functionality. You will also see how they can be used in various scenarios to enhance your personal and team productivity. Whether you are a loyal OneNote user, a curious Loop explorer, or somewhere in between, this session will help you make the most of Microsoft’s note-taking solutions.

Top tips for staying in the flow of work

Work life has become busier than ever and there is plenty to distract us from work. Learn how to use tools and features in Microsoft 365 to stay in the flow of work, using Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Viva apps and Microsoft Loop.

Simplified collaboration with Microsoft Loop

Introducing Microsoft Loop, a collaborative canvas app that simplifies teamwork. Work on ideas, projects, research, planning, and more. At the same time, or in your own timing, Loop is new to many organisations and this session will be perfect to learn:
- How to use Loop for teamwork and personal productivity.
- How share Loop content inside Teams, Outlook and other Microsoft 365 apps.
- How other apps like Planner and Trello are using Loop to embed live and synced content into the apps use.

I will share early lessons using Loop to facilitate projects for two enterprise-sized customers.

Don't miss this session if you want to get a jump-start on using Loop in your organisation.

45-60min session. Can be adapted to suit the conference session time limit.

Microsoft Loop: What’s new? What can you do? (User group edition)

The ideal user group session to introduce your community to Microsoft Loop, learn what’s new and what you can do with it.
- What is Microsoft Loop - the app and the components?
- When would you use Loop components and the Loop app?
- Case study. Using Loop workspaces for project management.
- What is coming to Loop “tomorrow?”
This session is a demo-and-discuss format, asking questions, sharing experiences, challenges and opinions.
40 (ish) minutes long.
Get it on your next user group agenda.

Digital Workplace Conference - New Zealand 2024 Sessionize Event

February 2024 Christchurch, New Zealand

Digital Workplace Conference - Australia Sessionize Event

August 2023 Melbourne, Australia

Viva Round The World Sessionize Event

June 2023

Darrell Webster

Modern Workplace Mentor, Change Consultant, Content Creator, Community Conduit.

Auckland, New Zealand


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