Davide Bellone

Information & Communications Technology

.NET Azure

Turin, Piedmont, Italy

Davide Bellone

Senior software .NET developer

I'm a software developer with 7+ years of experience in the .NET world. I've worked with various technologies related to the Microsoft world: among them: Microsoft SharePoint 2013, ASP.NET MVC5, .NET Core e Azure.

Davide Bellone

Senior software .NET developer

Sono uno sviluppatore .NET con piú di 7 anni di esperienza. Ho lavorato con diverse tecnologie del mondo Microsoft, tra cui SharePoint 2013, ASP.NET MVC5, .NET Core e Azure.

Current sessions

Azure DevOps: plan, build, and release projects EN IT

Azure DevOps is the platform provided by Microsoft to help teams collaborate using shared tools.

In this session, we're going to see what Azure DevOps is from a high-level perspective, and then we'll deep dive into Build and Release pipelines to improve our team workflows and to perform faster and better releases.

We will build a .NET application and publish it on Azure by using the CI/CD capabilities provided by Azure DevOps.

This talk is language agnostic, even though the examples showcased are built with .NET Core.

The preferred session duration is 1h.

Azure DevOps: plan, build, and release projects EN IT

Azure DevOps é la piattaforma fornita da Microsoft per aiutare la collaborazione dei team tramite tools condivisi.

In questa sessione andremo a vedere quali funzionalitá Azure DevOps ci fornisce con una visione ad alto livello, e spiegheró come usare le pipeline di Build e Release per migliorare i workflow all'interno del team ed effettuare release piú rapide e qualitativamente migliori.

Questo talk non fa riferimento ad un particolare linguaggio di programmazione, anche se il progetto usato come esempio é sviluppato con .NET Core.

La durata di questa sessione é di circa 1 ora.

Code Coverage with Cobertura: from Visual Studio to Azure DevOps EN

Unit tests are a crucial part of our applications. Making sure that our application is fully covered by tests reduces the number of bugs and allows our code to be more flexible and ready for changes.
A good indicator of the health of our application is Code Coverage: what's the percentage of production code that is tested by our Unit Tests?

In this session, we'll learn how we can create a Code Coverage report for .NET projects using Visual Studio, Coverlet, and Cobertura. Then, we will discover how to generate a Code Coverage report using Azure DevOps build pipelines.

This is the first delivery of this session.

Getting started with asynchronous messaging with Azure Service Bus EN

In a world of asynchronous communication, we can use Azure Service Bus, the message broker service provided by Azure, to send messages from one service to another.

In this session, we will talk about the main concepts of Azure Service Bus, and we will answer a simple - yet not so obvious - question: what is the difference between Queue, Topic, and Subscription?

We will also see how Azure Service Bus works on a .NET application, by sending and receiving messages between services.

This is the first public delivery of this session. I will live code to show the communication between services.

Past and future events

Virtual Global Azure - Verona 2021

15 Apr - 16 Apr 2021

Global Azure Virtual 2021

14 Apr 2021

Torino .NET User group - remote Meetup

Azure DevOps: plan, build, and release projects.

I've talked about some general aspects of Azure DevOps and of the DevOps practices, then I drilled down into some practical usage of Build and Release pipelines to implement CI/CD processes.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cszxbDQ7hfs
25 Jan 2021

Azure Meetup Torino

"Azure DevOps - consegna spesso, consegna meglio"

-- translation:
"Azure DevOps - deliver often, deliver better"

15 Oct 2019
Turin, Piedmont, Italy